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  1. My nano 143 (3 years old) fits great in my brand new 320, definitely not a brick. Don't plan on going to a 126 though.
  2. I had a Curv for 3 years, and now have a vector (since Oct 2017). If you're not maxing out the vector, both rigs are comfortable in my opinion. A loaded Curv is way cheaper than a loaded vector by hundreds of dollars. I think it was 2600 vs 3450 if I remember correctly. The only reason I moved to a vector was that my Curv was too small, even though it was made for me. I did send it back to be resized and it still was small. I also made the mistake of getting a VC2 which is a very short container being 6'0. The reach for my PC was too high on my back. The Curv VC2 is much smaller than my V320, even though the Curv holds bigger canopies. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions.
  3. Well you just notified Z Hills to keep an eye out so that's not a bad start. Its much easier to find friends to jump with who wear a camera, because when its strapped to your head, you dont get any footage of yourself anyways. Its very easy to spot someone in the loading area who shouldn't be wearing a camera so tell him to expect being called out on it and not be allowed to jump. You dont want to have a reputation when you have 30 jumps.
  4. You can jump solo after your AFF. You will need about 9 solos AND 6-7 coach jumps to get your A license, not just solos. The coach jumps will cost more than gear rental and jump ticket. 9 solos = $450 ish 7 coach jumps = $700 ish. AFF is around 1400 remainder requirements for A license is another 1100 So 2500 total You should have 2500 minimum to do your A license, especially if you fail a level and have to pay for the jump again. If you wait over 30 days between jumps, you will have to pay more money as well because you will no longer be "current" meaning you have to prove you remember everything. If you lose current status is AFF, I think you have to repeat an expensive jump but dont quote me on that. To be safe, save 5k before you start LOL but seriously
  5. To keep it simple, your AFF allows you to jump solo/self supervised. Your A license allows you to jump with other people who aren't instructors/coaches. After you get your AFF, you need 9 solo's (jump ticket plus gear rental) and 6-7 jumps (jump ticket/gear rental/coach fee) to be able to get your A license. Those coach jumps teach you safety in freefall while jumping in groups. You cannot jump with non instructors with only your AFF. Consider your cost to be the entire A license package. I think mine at Z Hills was 2500.
  6. Do you know the difference between your AFF and your A license?
  7. Jump Florida has a much smaller landing area then Lake Wales. I would recommend Z Hills though
  8. AFF grad at 9 jumps. (cleared to student solos) A license at 25 jumps. (can jump with any other license holders) Assuming no repetition
  9. Its two couples arguing about God(one atheist, one christian) but they changed the word God to some random guys name. The whole conversation is about this guy promising the world and eternal happiness and a million dollars if you follow him, even though you have never seen him, or they haven't seen him or haven't seen anyone else get the million dollars that was promised... I forget the title. It was posted in speakers corner a few months back. Its a funny distraction for the atheist/religion argument.
  10. Does anyone else realize you are only 4.8 times more likely to be murdered in the US compared to the UK?
  11. Does it matter in any other goods or services that you purchase?
  12. A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel securely attached to the front of this pants. The bartender takes one look at him and asks "why the fuck do you have a steering wheel down there?" Without a moments hesitation, the pirate shouts back at him "ARRRRRRR, its drivin' me nuts!"
  13. I almost measured and ordered online until I saw some posts on here about sizes being more than just one measurement. I went in and tried one on and it just happened to be the one i measured in to. (XL) I would go try it on first either way. Only downside is I special ordered it 7 weeks ago and it still hasn't been shipped to the DZ retailer i ordered it from :(
  14. How many of the poll responses do you consider comedic? then we can decide if a troll is the correct term