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  1. I usually lubricate mine with the tears shed looking for my main. BASE 1962
  2. I just cut some rings off of some old precision slinks and tacked up up higher on the riser as I'm not a fan of running it through the slink like some do. Simple and functional. BASE 1962
  3. That's what I had planned on anyway but I'm looking for the safest way to do the money transfer. BASE 1962
  4. I'm looking at buying a velo from a jumper in Slovak Republic but he has no paypal. I don't get the feeling that anything fishy is going on but what are people usually doing for transfers like this? BASE 1962
  5. I'm running a similar set up. I think it was the curved flatlock adapter for the gas helmet to put the flat lock on and just a random combination of go pro snag hazards to keep the gopro out of the still camera's frame. BASE 1962
  6. I'm on my work computer right now so I don't have my CSV file handy. I'm rather new to the flysight/gwoop combo so I just wanted to make sure I didn't have something configured wrong. If that's what happened then all the remaining data like entry height and rollout and all that jazz should be relevant then, short of the degree of turn and the turn rate correct? Thanks. BASE 1962
  7. Anybody had an issue of gswoop not registering a turn? It's showing as a 90 instead of a 450. I can email the csv file if needed. Thanks, Nick. BASE 1962
  8. On a quest for a slow falling suit, I demo'd one at Carolinafest. First thought was the suit was nowhere near baggy enough to slow my fall rate down that much. Once in the air, the range of speed the suit gave me was incredible. However, talking to the representative on the ground, I had a hard time shelling out $500 for a super simple, no options suit from someone I've never heard of. I still haven't bought one and I'm not sure if I will, but I was super impressed with the one I jumped. BASE 1962
  9. My current setup. Cookie fuel with Canon t3i and gopro 3+ black. I hated to drill holes in my favorite helmet but I've been super happy with the results. BASE 1962
  10. And I'm curious, how did you go about making that spacer?? BASE 1962
  11. I called chuting star and they said the gas adapter fits the fuel the best. I'm about to order one myself.
  12. You are a gentleman and a scholar. BASE 1962
  13. I hate to be the guy to revive an eight year old thread but you still have that manual?