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  1. HRHSkyPrincess

    AFF level 4

    You are paying for professional instruction in a high risk sport. You should most definitely be discussing these issues with your AFF instructor and/or the S&TA at your DZ. Not that you won't find good advice here and there, but at this point in your skydiving career, you need to be careful whom you ask because you don't know what you don't know. Most new skydivers complain of low back pain and there's little people like me (106lbs) who had some work to do with managing a bigass canopy. Your muscles, if you're a healthy human being, will train-up with you. :) Have fun, be safe. Smile on exit! ***************** Attitude is everything!
  2. HRHSkyPrincess

    Skydive San Marcos Coach Course

    Only one day of classroom??? WTF happened to the Coach Course...are you sure about the curriculum? Quote ***************** Attitude is everything!
  3. HRHSkyPrincess

    Skydive San Marcos Halloween boogie

    Uh, Josh, does Jesus know you're going to the boogie? ***************** Attitude is everything!
  4. HRHSkyPrincess

    Night Jump

    Green lights on the back, indicates to another skydiver (in freefall or under canopy) you are flying away from them, red lights on the front, better take collision avoidance maneuvers, NOW! Also, it's a good idea to allow your eyes to adjust. Walk out to the loading area/dark area at least 20-30 minutes prior to departure. Night vision's great, when the eyeballs have a chance adjust. If you prepare for a PLF every time you enter the landing pattern, you'll never have to think about it in an emergency. It will be good ole muscle memory and maybe save your buttinsky. ***************** Attitude is everything!
  5. Ah, yes, I was wondering when someone would catch the lack of appropriate priorities! Just bring the whuffos to the dz to watch....heh. ***************** Attitude is everything!
  6. HRHSkyPrincess

    How often do you pack yourself?

    I couldn't agree with you more! I employ a packer 99.9% of the time. I am often busy with students and need the time between jumps for briefs/debriefs, and hey, I don't enjoy packing! We have some very very good packers at SSM, they take it seriously (even though they joke around) and I haven't been slammed yet. I would never blame a packer, per se, because it's my responsibility and I'm opting to use their services. Packers Rule! ***************** Attitude is everything!
  7. HRHSkyPrincess

    Failed AFF 3

    You didn't fail. You just didn't master the particular skill required to go on to the next level. Big fat hairy deal. The jump still counts in your logbook, you learned from the experience, and you're going to jump again. What matters the most is that down the road, when you have hundreds of jumps, you will look back and know the AFF JM was looking out for your future skydiving career. Hindsight is always 20/20 and you will see it more clearly than you do now. Quit beating yourself up. Focus on the next jump and what the JM wants you to do to prepare. And have fun~!~ ***************** Attitude is everything!
  8. HRHSkyPrincess

    I'm a lightweight

    Welcome to the club! I'm 103, wear from 10-14 lbs of weight and can hang with the big boys now. I made my own weightbelt, just took a look at the popular one online and spent about $23 (excluding weights, which I bought at a dive shop) for materials. It actually looks "professional"! Also, I have weight pockets that were retro-fitted onto the back of my rig. PM me if you want details on either. Purple Skies, Donna ***************** Attitude is everything!
  9. HRHSkyPrincess

    Average age of DZ.Com posters

    Ah, you're just a baby! And in very good company!! I've got three years on ya. We ROCK! ***************** Attitude is everything!
  10. HRHSkyPrincess


    Bwahahhaahaaa! Excellent response, Ryoder! Hey, Treeman, fear is not fatal, fear will save your life and that's what is roiling around in your brain when the door opens. Harness your fear. Breathe in, breathe out. Ever see the movie The Ghost and The Darkness? The hunter guy, Michael Douglas, turns to Val Kilmer's character and says/asks "Can you control your fear, can you?" If you're gonna skydive, you bloody well better!! ***************** Attitude is everything!
  11. HRHSkyPrincess

    spiraling over the landing area

    I, too, sometimes "hover" on final because I'm working on an accuracy landing, a technique I learned from a former member of The Screaming Eagles. HOWEVER, once under canopy I always keep my head on a swivel. Always. We have lots of wide open space at our dz so it's silly to fight over a small oval of pea gravel!! ***************** Attitude is everything!
  12. HRHSkyPrincess

    Which is the best DZ you ever visited?

    There's a dz in Toledo, Oregon? ??? I learned to fly planes at Newport...a long time ago. Please pm me if you have info on Toledo dz. Thanks! ***************** Attitude is everything!
  13. HRHSkyPrincess

    going for coach rating need advice

    Read the coarse material BEFORE you go. Read it again at least four more times. The instructors are not kidding when they say it is a progressive class and you need to be very familiar with the contents of the coach coarse manual and categories G and H from the SIM prior to arrival. I enjoyed the coach course I attended at Skydive San Marcos. I learned valuable teaching skills and, I hope, it's made me a better skydiver. Have fun!! ***************** Attitude is everything!
  14. HRHSkyPrincess

    no more skydiving for me

    Uh, Chuteless, hate to burst your bubble, but you'll never ever be done with this sport. YOU'RE A LEGEND, MAN! And a living legend at that~!~ You tell your grandkids to contact me someday and I'll send them some cool scrapbook pages of the log entries, demo team patch, and photos you sent me. They are in good hands for now...but belong to your family. Purple Skies Forever, Donna ***************** Attitude is everything!
  15. HRHSkyPrincess


    Very funny, Mister Man! I actually carry a collapsible step stool to enable me to reach my collapsible slider. Fits neatly up the sleeve of my jumpsuit. Works every time... ***************** Attitude is everything!