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  1. Hi That poem does a better job at stirring emotions than my favorite 1 minute videos. Your wife really did "catch the essence of the jump".
  2. Right-on. Now you know... GQ has got to be the coolest bro. oh, I'll have a Stone Ale... (homer voice) mmmmbeer auhghg
  3. numbknuckle

    Tatto Help

    I know im a little late the subject has strayed-but I just woke up. I would suggest looking at a few artists photo albums and find one whose style you really dig. Find the best artist you can and tell / show him what you want. Give him some time to design it (a few minutes-a few days) and get an original piece that you will really love. Flash is cool but custom jobs are... one of a kind.
  4. if you grab her with your right hand and shes facing to the right, grab alot of skin-and rotate your palm upwards so that her head tiltsback a tad. Her feet should just spread and dangle. see my cat is still. if you have time, i could go grab a camera
  5. Since bikes r being discussed, I've got a quick question too. If you cant test ride em, how do you know its what you want? the reason I ask is I had a Honda250 duel purpose that was super top heavy-sold it a year later. Also had a over used Ninja650 for a minute but didn't keep it either. I want another one but *shrug
  6. "Scruff the kitty bitch" Grab her firmly by the back of the neck, like mama kitty. it dosen't hurt em and the dont move much
  7. I think the "Plastic Bubble Duct Tape" theroy is alot like the "Duck and Cover" for the Atom bomb back in the day. Got lots o food & water though. ~and big black boots for kicking ass.
  8. is there Cliff Notes for that thing? What I read sounded good.
  9. hey, where did our little icon thingies go?
  10. thats what im talkin about. I gotta climb into my coffin for a few minutes so I don't poop out on my hamster wheel later on.
  11. oh jeez, i gotta get up for work in 2 hours. #&%@!
  12. Are you one o them folks that thinks the world is round HA and that it's day time some where else haHA
  13. Why the hell are there posts at this hour?!? Go to sleep and post during bussiness hours. ...danm vampires