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  1. I guess that I am fortunate, having spent 16 years in law enforcement. I just had a Jamaican-Style guy who was going to send me a certified money order and "later" determine shipping. Having seen hundreds of these types of scams, I just dismissed him. I cannot report what I cannot prove. I would, however be willing to write a short piece on how to recognize and avoid. Taking the victims away is the only way to fight them. Jamaica and Nigeria were never any help to my cases. We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  2. AirPork


    I found out that the more beautiful a woman is, the crazier she is. The women who post endless selfies (which are no doubt beautiful) usually follow with endless couple photos showing how happy they are, then breakup memes and stories of disaster relationships. It's kind of funny.... It makes me feel good for the fact that's not me. What I learned about myself? I tend to keep a very positive Facebook image (after all I am a badass skydiver) even when I am in a terrible slump. There are maybe five people in this world with whom I am comfortable sharing my troubles. So if your Facebook says you are happy.... I don't necessarily believe it until I see you face to face.... We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  3. AirPork


    Yes, DNA is the only way. Technically, eye color consists of more than one gene and can be a recessive trait. Therefore you and your ex may carry the blue eye gene (but not have blue eyes). The reality is there are several genes in play when it comes to eye color. DNA testing is the only way, but if you FEEL you are not the father and the ex also FEELS you are not the father.... that's a pretty good clue. My experience -- molecular biologist, former Forensic DNA analyst. We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  4. Doug, this is a very well written article. I am curious if you received any support from the manufacturers -- because they certainly should have feared you would "call it like it is" as opposed to the "advertising they want." I agree entirely with your standings, but from a less objective standing. I have always liked the GoPro but Sony has many more years of experience in the video business. I was interested that Nikon, and Cannon have stayed away from action cameras to the degree that they have. I have always maintained the best digital camera is made by someone who actually made cameras before they went digital. No detector can compensate for lousy optics. That's still the reason why some of the larger cameras are still in use, but not for long...
  5. I usually don't reply to threads like this, because ignorance fuels the opinions that most Americans hold about the police. So, here goes an informed opinion.... and I warn you that I am opinionated. I spent much of my adult life in Law Enforcement. I served as a patrol officer and a detective investigating everything from property crimes to homicide. I even worked a federal task force that targeted organized crime. Before that I was a forensic scientist for a state police agency. I have arrested fellow officers, and even prosecutors during my career. Drug use and sex were usually an officer's biggest downfall. In each case I investigated, the officer was the victim of a set-up/bait switch where the sex was part of a scheme to get something in return. We always arrested the officer if we could due to the "color of authority" violations (sex/custody) but I also had clear admissions from the females as to their initiating the charade. Ironically, the girls each got about 100K in legal settlement. I was appalled, but also somewhat impressed by their masterful plan. As a police firearms instructor, I taught acceptable use of force policy. I get worked up sometimes over what I hear on the internet -- but I reserve my judgment until I hear the whole story. My worst calls involved the mentally ill. They fought like "crazy" and I don't mean to insult their mental condition. Unfortunately, many of the vets in my area who suffered PTSD also had a drug abuse problem -- a self medication of sorts. The mentally ill seriously wound and kill officers all the time. The fights I had with mentally ill subjects were different, because it was like they didn't feel pain. Pain compliance (wrist, elbow, shoulder control holds) just didn't deliver the same results I would obtain from healthy people. What I am saying is simple..... I gave a large portion of my life to my community, and essentially sacrificed my marriage in the process. There are many more like me who are serving their community, staying out late to make that homicide arrest or catch that burglar. I sometimes wish I hadn't made that trade (closing a case but loosing my marriage), but the victim's family certainly appreciated my dedication. Don't be a douche and paint all people from our profession with a single brush. Maybe you should step up and do your part like I did. It was an amazing experience, and I have some awesome memories (and a little fame) from the cases I solved. We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  6. I am a loyal Kawasaki-ka. I have the Zx6r and the Zx10r, 2009 and 2011 respectively. Bikes are like handguns, best selected for how they FIT you. I am stuck on the Kawi Geometry. Just My .02 We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  7. So here is the good news..... You have recall, as opposed to blackout. That means you are "experiencing" the jump as opposed to merely "surviving" the jump. What I am saying is that you appear 100 percent trainable. We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  8. Thanks Bryan for another informative article regarding the separation issue, and the challenge formed by varied experience levels. I am a relative newbie to skydiving (B-license), but I am also obsessed with safety. There are too many factors that could lead to tragedy should we become negligent.
  9. Only jumped once. The rental gear was in good repair, and the rigger inspired confidence in the gear. The plane and landing area were well maintained.
  10. I have traveled a bit during my skydive education. I have only jumped at 5 jump zones in 4 different states, but I have a good eye for safety. This DZ gets high marks on the safety brief and separation of landing areas. The plane and equipment appear to be in very good condition. The high altitude landings are not to be taken lightly (pun intended). If you are coming from sea level, up-size your canopy 1-2 sizes to ensure a good landing.
  11. The experienced skydivers (S&Ts) are putting in some serious work to keep us safe -- thank you! I know that it is everyone's job to promote safety, but just a little ignorance can lead to terrible decisions. My first thought is that opening altitude needs to play a dominant role in the exit order process. Even with great exit separation and no winds, I do not want to be in free-fall through an altitude where there is already an open canopy. In 8 way formations, jumpers sometimes use staggered deployment altitude which makes perfect sense. Separation in three dimensions instead of only two. The same should apply for the whole load. If you get out last, you have to pull at x altitude... If you get out before me, I sure hope you are pulling lower. I pull at 3.5K unless I am told to do otherwise. As far as operating canopy near the jump run, there should be a ceiling altitude in the permitted airspace. If you open at 3.5K, start your flight toward LZ and you are still above 3K, maybe you should have to hang out at a designated holding area as to avoid colliding with someone coming down with a malfunction or sniveling opening. just my uninformed opinion... take it for what it is worth. We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  12. My apprehensions faded once I started doing unlinked exits, and chasing the dock or making formations with other skydivers. I found that I have more confidence now that I have my own gear. I know every stitch of my rig and I check it methodically the night before I jump -- then I pack like my life depends on it (technically it does). Landings are easier when you fly the same canopy all the time. The nervousness comes back whenever I am at a new DZ. I watch the pilot, I look for aircraft, I look at each jumper as though he might be the guy who does something crazy and crashes into me. After I get to know everyone, that nervousness fades. We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  13. Just made it to jump number 15 and I must say that my coach was a genuine Uchidachi... I am currently looking for a worthy gift. Any suggestions? It must have a Zen quality so that it retains the quality of her instruction based on relaxation, visualization, and affirmation. I was thinking of a river rock with an etched Kanji "Sensei" We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  14. It was the best two days I've had in a while. I almost doubled the number of jumps I've done so far, and I tripled my confidence in freefall and under canopy. The simulated emergency exit was a real confidence booster, because I had practiced the dive exits several times beforehand. My new DZ family made me feel right at home. Can't wait for my next jump. We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....
  15. Yesterday was the best. We had clear skies. It wasn't too busy at the DZ. And. Yes, I got to buy beer for my "first" self-supervised jump. We came here to eat donuts and kick ass, looks like there aren't any donuts.....