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  1. Ive used mpegstreamclip for years when extracting only the specific parts I want from peoples SD cards. Its lightweight with zero re-rendering or quality loss.. Learn the keyboard shortcuts and its the fastest thing ever.. And its free. http://www.squared5.com/
  2. Hi If anyone is interested in seeing the broadcasted finals for the first swoop freestyle world championship in Copenhagen the link is here: https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/parachuting-swoop-freestyle-fai-world-championships-copenhagen-denmark/
  3. I have a MX-½ with a KA107 as a perfect fit. PD states the KA107 and VE90 to be the same sizes..
  4. I'm trying to setup the Swoopware tandemvids software for our small DZ since we plan to streamline pretty much everything including the workload on the video guys. I really cant seem to get any acceptable results from the template i have spent quite a bit of time making. I thought maybe someone here would be kind enough to share their tandemvids/vegas template for inspiration and rough setup? I'm hoping that changing around in a premade template will remove alot of the timing and volume issues I'm having. BS /Toast
  5. Yeah L&B cant be recommended enough and the VISO2+ is awesome..
  6. I dont use the center stow on my mirage stock bag. No problems so far and seems to close pretty good anyways..
  7. Did a 5000 ft testjump for a small Danish production company that had designed a nice system for streaming from a gopro. It even worked on an AFF from 13000 ft. It did stutter a bit in the plane but after climbout it was perfect. It's kinda wierd to watch the jump live.. :) Unfortunately I'm not an electrical engineer so dont know the details, but I have pictures of the setup. From what I remember price were around EUR 4.000. The guy who designed it works in a company called CPH Live if anyone is interested.
  8. From my understandign its a danish container manufacturer that went out of business some years ago.. Still being jumped here in dk.. Maybe contact Erik at www.paraservice.dk for more info on that specific container since I dont think any of the manuals and documents exists on the interweb.
  9. Thx for the feedback. I'm pretty sure, i'm not the only rookie who could learn something from this thread. But I like learning the mechanichs of canopy flight..
  10. Doh. Was thinking that if my groundspeed was lower than actual windspeed. But Im still going relative to the wind so I will always feel the wind against my face. And yes, I see that would stall the canopy.. Dont know actually. Wouldnt it move faster? My extremely limited knowledge about hot air balloons says that they cant steer and only move with the wind. Wouldnt a larger area then mean more speed? Or is the balloon always travelling at the same speed as the wind around it?
  11. To add to what Dave said - you should also make yourself small if you are upwind - it will still improve your glide ratio. Hypothetically, if windspeed is faster than canopy speed (so youre feeling the relative wind on your back). Wouldnt you want to make yourself big? I know that this is more rare than you going faster than the wind.
  12. Number One, most important. I'm not ripping on you. This is a very common misconception. Probably second only to the 45 degree rule. And the only way you learn things is to ask these kinds of questions. The wind doesn't "see" anything. And it doesn't really "push" either. You are in the airmass. You are moving along with it. Your airspeed in the air is completely independent of your ground speed. You can compare a boat in a river current to get the idea. Any speed the boat goes by powering the boat (motor or oars) will be relative to the water, not the shore. The speed relative to the shore will be a combination of the waterspeed and the current speed. Think basic trig. If you have a headwind of 20 mph and a forward airspeed of 20 mph then your ground speed is zero. If you take a 45 degree angle, then your 20 mph forward airspeed is still there. But your groundspeed will be a function of the angles. Into the wind will now be 14 mph (or backwards 6) and sideways will be 14 (since it's perpendicular to the wind, it will be sideways 14). Did these same instructors warn you about making sharp turns while travelling downwind because the tailwind might make your canopy collapse? Yeah, I'm convinced. Gonna try to find a decent way to point it out to the instructor maybe or just ask him again. So im back to trying to be small with my arms and legs directly against the wind. Thx for the feedback.. Havent heard about the no sharpies in downwind either.
  13. Can you see that the wind now "sees" more surface area and not less? Damn. You're right. There goes that theory...
  14. I understand that i dont pick up speed like a boat by going a little angular to the wind. And 45 degrees might be overdoing it. But I think the idea is, that the wind "sees" a smaller area of the canopy by going at an angle. Therefore it pushes less. But yes, I do go sideways when doing it. It might not work. Therefore the question here. ;) But the advice came from the instructor at a canopy course where all of us on underloaded 240'rigs flew backwards.
  15. I've been taught, that in my big ass student canopy, when I give myself a bad spot and risk going backwards because of headwind, it's better to be at a 45 degree angle to the wind. The theory should be, that I present less canopy to the wind and by zigzagging with flat turns, I can cover more ground. I havent done it enough times to know if it's actually working yet. Any comments from the canopy gurus? Do i burn too much altitude on the turns? Frontriser on the student chute isnt really an option (im not heavy enough).