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  1. "About Schmidt" had to be the worst ever. I can't believe Jack Nicholson didn't wipe with, and flush that script. To top the whole plotless abortion off - Kathy Bates shows her horrible, nasty old boobies. Burp. ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  2. [waves] ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."

    Ugly Shoes

    What about these ? http://www.cloggs.co.uk/bin/venda?ex=co_disp-view&invt=214&bsref=cloggs pretty sweet, eh ? ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  4. I have the Italian 1858 Remington replica. It is a lot of fun to shoot, but there is no sight adjustment, and it is messy. The grease patch (Bore Butter) blows everywhere when fired. Fun once in a while. If your going the black powder route, the little Remington seems to print best with around 26 grains of Pyrodex and a .454 ball. Get a Ruger Mk. II. I have one that must have over a million rounds through it, and it still prints an inch at 25 yds. All I ever had to do was replace the main spring from normal fatigue. A company called Volquartsen makes the target grip, and extended bolt release on mine, and the red dot optics are by Tasco, on a So Low mount. Bill Ruger makes good stuff. ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  5. http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/children/hannes.asp ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  6. If chainsaws are banned, I will be forced to drop hardwood trees via AK47. At $80.00 per 1000 rounds, this could get expensive. . . . . . Fun, but expensive. ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  7. . . . . Looks like fun ! ! http://www.motobykz.co.uk/SnoMoto/SnoMoto.htm ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  8. Austrian built, but this particular little guy is a "retired" Swiss army radio truck - complete with dual rear shocks and a 24-volt electrical system. I wonder how many countries used them ? Thanks for the spec sheet - interesting little rig. ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  9. So we're 4 wheelin' at http://www.paragonap.com/ last weekend, and we saw this little Dood. It's a 1971 vintage Pinzgauer with 30k miles, in perfect shape. I'd read about the little, Swiss military transport, but never saw one. It has a mid-mounted, air-cooled engine - 4 wheel independent suspension with offset geared hubs (like an H1 or Unimog) - and locking diffs at both ends. Pretty capable little critter. The owner added the diamond plate "stripe", and the weird orange thing in the reciever, which killed his departure angle, and mostly acted as an excavator. The guy had it imported through some outfit in Colorado for around 10k. I thought some of you 'wheelers might find it interesting. ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  10. Well. . . I guess we can kiss-off that tax on moist, creamy, upscale tit pus I was pondering. ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  11. I have my first diesel, a '97 stretch cab, long box, 4x4 Cummins Ram for 4 years now, and will never own another gasoline powered pickup truck. The entry price is higher, and right now - the fuel is more expensive, but there's nothing like hearing that lazy rumble as you effortlessly pull your boat or camper up and down hills, passing traffic. I tow and haul a lot, and it works out great for me. Enjoy your "oilburner". ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  12. The "victims" I've been looking at have all been 4 cylinders because of commonness, price, and the 4 bangers were equipped with lower geared diffs from the factory. The '02 Wrangler (TJ) in my avatar has a 4.0L straight 6, with a 5-speed and it does work very well. I'm thinking diesel in part because I've got a Cummins Ram and have always liked the way the power comes on hard at low revs. That, the lack of an ignition system, lower fuel consumption (I'd like to keep the fuel cell at 10gal. max.), and the "different" factor have all influenced my thinking. I also would like to shorten the front end slightly, for an increase in approach angle. If the diesel deal works out too pricey, the old inline 6 will wind up in there.
  13. I'm in the "Design & Parts Gathering" stage of an off-road only, rock crawling Jeep project I plan to begin next spring. I plan to start with a cheap, used '87-'96 Wrangler, and fabricate and assemble the required drive line, underbody armor and long travel, high-articulation suspension. Most of the prime candidates for "victim vehicles" I've found thus far have one thing in common - the anemic 2.5 liter 4 cylinder, in some state of disrepair. My little beast will require more torque, but I don't want the added weight and fuel consumption of a V-8 - and I must have fuel injection, as automotive carburetors don't function well at extreme angles. An added plus with compression-ignition diesel power would be the lack of a distributor and any ignition wiring, and it's propensity for moisture-related failure. I'm aware that Cummins builds a 3.9 liter, in-line 4 cylinder, turbo-diesel engine, that is basically the same design as my beloved 5.9L - with 2 less jugs. I've acquired a service manual for this little guy, and it looks like this would be the ideal powerplant for my application. My problem is - I don't know where to find one reasonably priced. I've looked on the web to see who bought these, and what they were used for - thinking I might be able to find a used one somewhere, but have had no luck. Do any of you guys have any idea where I could find one of these little monsters without taking out a second mortgage ? ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  14. Seether's new one - DISCLAIMER II. ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."
  15. I might have a little time on Saturday to help any local lefties pack their Hyundais. ----------------=8^)---------------------- "I think that was the wrong tennis court."