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  1. sar911

    RIP Rev Jim

    To a great father, brother, son and friend that touched and brought so much happiness into our lives. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories that we will all keep with us !!! Mike
  2. Well I guess that's where we differ. I prefer brains over balls!!! When I was a new jumper I made a bad landing and an instructor call me a "dumbass". I could have got into a pissing match with him but instead I asked him what I did wrong and would he help me correct it. His whole attitude changed, he helped me and I have never had the problem since. If I had left with being degraded (as some people would), I would have left with my pride hurt and none the wiser and still would have been making the same mistake. So which is better, degrading someone and they learn nothing except to not respect you or help them to be a better skydiver ???????????????????????? And which way do you think that we will have less "dead jumpers", by teaching them or calling them childish "harsh" names? The S&TA or DZO still has the power to stop anyone from jumping and do. Skydiving is a privlage not a right !
  3. Now that was funny So what di the police arrest him for? Did the FAA ever charge him with anything?
  4. What's that? You say you can't see chemlights on your canopy from a distance? Then how are they acceptable illumination for jumpers per the requirements in the FARs? Chem. or cylume lights are not acceptable or rated for three-mile visibility. If you are putting them on there to find your canopy that is another issue.
  5. Which is part of the problem, lack of tact as an S&TA. So you do not think that it is within your responsibility to help them and educate them but rather degrade them? Why because my “attitude” is that in your capacity as an S&TA you should act more professionally as an S&TA? That you know of. So you are saying that as an S&TA, that accusing skydivers of “whining” on a public forum is acting professionally? That this is the best way that you can deal with the issue? Please understand that if you had made those comments personally and not as representing yourself as an S&TA we would never have had this conversation, but the bottom line is that you did. This may be, but I have always looked up to S&TA’s as the cream of the crop and hold them, as I believe the USPA does to a higher level of conduct. Do you think that most people would want to go to a DZ where the top person talked about people like that? This one I am confused about, as I have never questioned any USPA rule. In fact if you read any post that I have ever made you will see that I have staunchly supported all of the rules of the USPA and in fact, I said that if anyone did not like or agree with a rule then have it changed, but until it is changed learn how to abide with it. All I said in my prior post in reply to the comments about a D-Lic. requirement for beach jumps was “As for the D-lic. requirement to make beach jumps, that is a individual DZ management requirement and not a USPA requirement. Talk to the S&TA and the DZ to get that changed.” This was said so as to direct the individules as to where to go to discuss it with. I do not have any problems with it myself.
  6. As for the D-lic. requirement to make beach jumps, that is a individual DZ management requirement and not a USPA requirement. Talk to the S&TA and the DZ to get that changed.
  7. You shouldn’t have an attitude, at least not publicly, you should be above that. Why, as an S&TA and as a representative of the USPA are you degrading people on a public forum as “Whiners”? Does the USPA condone such non-professionalism of its S&TA’s? It takes away from any creditably of the context and your many year of experience that your comments may have had and would make anyone interested in going to your DZ for training look elsewhere. Who would want to go to a DZ where the S&TA may talk about them publicly like that?
  8. As for the "wussing out" issue, I don't let child like expressions guide my direction in making decisions. Night jumps like all other jumps have inherent risk. The goal should be to teach and provide the jumpers the safest way to accomplish the goal. Whether or not the requirement for a D-lic. is valid is irrelevant. The requirement is there so the approach should be how do we accomplish the goal until or if it is changed. The landing area should be lighted to make it as safe as possible. The briefings should cover all four pages of the SIM on night jumps, not just here are some cylume sticks and land here! If we took the same strict approach to night jumps that we do with AFF etc. it would build the confidence level of those jumping and more skydivers would probably want to make more night jumps. If you have skydivers with a higher night jump skill level that would like to do a "no light landing" then do a separate load for that skill level. Skydive Sebastian and Lake Wales are two of the DZ that I have done night jumps at that I would recommend. Both light the landing areas and both do pretty good briefings, debriefings after each jump and check-in after landing. As for the S&TA response, I am disappointed that someone at that level and representing the USPA would make that kind of public comment. I know what DZ I would NOT send someone to for training.
  9. This was sent to me by a friend. I read the message before, however, the presentation, photography, and music that accompanies it are absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Take the time to let it load, it is worth it. Click here
  10. Not on this day Today you were a country gentleman and did TX proud. Now, back to the guns and beer dude
  11. Yes, you are correct. It is a universal bag for both size pop tops.
  12. Well her in Florida it is 72 and sunny. You mean that we are going to have to put up with this for six more weeks? Jumping seven days a week? Oh well, I guess we will just have to put up with it.
  13. Tell Tim I said hi. I will be there tues-thrus packing. Come by and I will ask John to play the video for you. Mike
  14. Gives "gun control" a whole new meaning.