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  1. Tsk Tsk, Rick! Glad you got your reserve out fast! I've been there...I checked because I had a bad feeling and it was not cocked. Eep! Hope to see you soon -- gotta get to Zhills some this fall/winter.
  2. That would be a nightmare to enforce though, even more so than a jump numbers limit for intermediate. Competitors could always fudge the team's financials. And they may or may not be caught. Then you get a "he said she said" thing going on before, during, or after nationals. If someone rich with about 400 jumps had found 3 other similarly-experienced jumpers and paid for all their training jumps and tunnel time and then they won gold this year in intermediate, would people complain then too? I say leave it as is and kudos to the air force teams!
  3. That's really cool! I haven't seen a hatching yet, only a laying. LOTS of nests here. :) Maybe I'll go outside now and see if there's any action going on.
  4. Enjoying the live feed and all the videos this evening! :-)
  5. accuweather.com says winds at 24, gusting to 40... That site is usually pretty good. Of course, TX weather can change in a heartbeat!
  6. I have to work Saturday or else I'd see you at the DZ! I just looked at the forecast...says winds gusting to 40, I hope that is completely wrong. Enjoy your visit! :)
  7. I have some hilarious old photos of her and Jeannie, Gabe, Dewey etc. I will try to find them and email them out. Here's a funny memory: One night we were all quite toasted and she and I were walking over to Janine's to bug her. She tripped over god knows what in the grass and landed on her face and I was trying to help her up and she said laughing, "wait, wait, no, leave me down here, this is hilarious, take a photo!" Maybe I'll find that photo with the others... Sad she's gone...and hoping Sky is making a good come back.
  8. I didn't realize Lasik was considered successful if you came out 20/40 or better. Interesting... The prescription for my contacts is -8.50 in one eye, -7.50 in the other. Quite nearsighted. But I'm still too chicken to get surgery for it!
  9. The tandems here will jump in stuff that I won't jump in (25mph+ and ugly). So if they're called down, I would land with the plane too. It's not usually a big surprise though...usually the winds build up to that over time, so hopefully I wouldn't have gotten in the plane to begin with. It is so not worth it. Some people at my DZ have a very high tolerance for wind though. Before coming here, I'd never seen people keep jumping when it's over 30pmh and/or really gusty but it happens a lot here. No thanks! I'll pass!
  10. There's nothing within walking distance where I am. We live in the boonies. But I did switch employers recently and one of the reasons was I wanted a much shorter commute! (saves me time and LOTS of money...I was spending over 300 bucks a month on gas before, ugh)
  11. aww....happy birthday!! 29, right?
  12. My condolences to Jon and her other family members and friends... I met her a couple of times and she was so cheerful and friendly. (Her brother Jon is "MrHixxx" on here, in case people did not know) --Heather
  13. Thanks for the info. You poor thing! I can't imagine dealing with allergies for that long. I never had them at all until about 5 years ago. (and they've only been severe recently) Maybe the shots are a good long-term solution for me! Or moving to the arctic or the desert. I've been thinking about seeing an allergist...I will do some research as you suggested. Forgot to say that zyrtec, claritin etc will work for a little while when I first start taking them, but after several days they don't seem to help anymore. I just took a Benedryl. It probably won't help much, but maybe it will help me sleep tonight! I really need some solid sleep. happythoughts: cute. lol skybeergold: I don't know if I've tried the "D" ones...I didn't realize there were two types of Claritin and Zyrtec. The ones I have at the house right now don't say "D" on them. You've had luck with those? edit: Oh, ok, the Zyrtec "D" has pseudoephedrine in it too. I've tried some generic drugs with that in it. Didn't help too much.
  14. Crap, no more skydiving for me then!