2 New Birds in the flock in Zhills~

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Hey guys and gals~

We added two more notable birds to the flock this weekend. Quinn, who is an employee at Tonysuits and part time Bartender at Zhills just passed the 200 mark and we poped his cherry. He Killed it! Chucky did the instruction and I tagged along for some photos~ Welcome to the flock Quinn! Saturday, I took Ilea, an AFA grad who decided to join the new dark side (flockage) and move away from the gray area (freeflying). She Killed it too! were just adding some more quality from here down south, and once again, congrats you two~

heres a couple photos of the two!

Flock on guys, and check out my site, everything is starting to be much better organized and even have the store online!

Blue Skies

Z Flock #11; Muff #1909; PFI #15, USPA Lifer
Commercial Multi-Inst. Airplane/Rotory
www.flyteskool.ws Aerial Photography

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and both landed and orderd wingsuits haha, Quinn cuts em out for me so his is ready to be sewed up :-)
Ilea stole everyones hearts when she jumped on the drum kit as the band rested that night,

party on :-)
Life is a series of wonderful opportunities,
brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.


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