First year of Skydiving-Photography, showcase

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Hey Guys,

I've been a silent observer of the forums for quite some time now, and thought it might be a good time to introduce myself and share some of the stuff I do.

I've been skydiving for 3 years now, and this year I started to jump an SLR camera on my head. Being a full-time photographer on the ground, it was a natural step for me. Of course, with less than 500 jumps and only 3 years in the sport I still have to learn tons of stuff.

I've taken some time to make a best of collection of my first year of camera jumping, and uploaded an album of my Best of 2012 skydiving pictures on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151396161316694.530418.40099546693&type=1

I've also added some of my favourites as attachments to the post.

For the tech guys, I jump a Canon 5D Mk3, usually with a 16-35mm. I've tried to 550D, as it's a lot more lightweight, but actually found the heavier camera more comfortable to fly.

Hope you like my shots, and any feedback you can provide is very much appreciated.

Happy holidays everyone!

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No doubt,,,how does one get there with out falling into the props,,photoshop,,eh...;)

You have to have your dad on the controls ;-) and running the bussiness :D

How to get there ...

The righthand prop feathered ...

crazy europeans ;-)

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Thanks very much for the warm welcome! :)

@DSE: yes that orange bat was a pita, not only that he talks a lot, he's ruining the picture on every occasion when you're on a jump with him! ;)

@Jason: It might look dangerous indeed, but wuzi grew up playing around skyvans, and his dad has been flying it for decades. If anyone can pull off that stunt safely, it's those two. And as pointed out by holie, the right prop was feathered with the engine off, while he crawled to the nose around the right side. :)

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