Nationals 2013 and 2014

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Because the World event is earlier in Russia next year. To ensure the 2013 Team is chosen from the same year as the Nationals - this had to happen.

Very likely.

We ALL know it's an conspiracy with Al running the show to make sure that only people who compete in his league that start's it's season Thanksgiving and ends on Easter, are current enough to compete well.


--"When I die, may I be surrounded by scattered chrome and burning gasoline."

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If I were that savy, I'd have written some code into the score sheets that would have had me finishing in the to 8 last year.
Its partly because of the WM dates for Russia, but also for weather reasons. May is actually the best weather time down here in FL. Aug/Sept is hurricane season. June/July it rains like a SOB. TK put a lot of thought into selecting the month that would be best for our event and the weather in Zhills.
It is tougher for training for the northerners, but most people who are serious about competing and set a goal of competing(whether at Pro or advanced level) seem to stay current anyway thrrough the winter.
Watch out for planters.

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