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HH, looking at the geographical infor provided for that username, I would say it is Jim Slaton.

BTW, if you are trying to reach Lyle at the number listed in the previous post, use Area Code 772. Either 561 or 772 will work right now, but the 772 will HAVE to be used after November 1st.

Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, more money.

Why do they call it "Tourist Season" if we can't shoot them?

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It's going to be a match made in heaven, the events are going to be great with these guys working together.

Actually, those of us who have been around a while will remember that this is exactly what the Extreme Canopy Pilots Association (ECPA) was supposed to be. The rift between Jim and Lyle developed when neither would agree on one certain type of competiton a meet should contain, nor what was considered "adequate" as a buffer in the "corner" area. Jim and Reggie both insisted that the courses start over water, for safety; while Lyle disagreed and said beach sand was fine.

It was those things which led to the split, with each guy feverishly promoting his brand of competition and meets. Personally, I like all of it, but enjoyed maintaining a running "standing" with PPPB last year. You know, there aren't really that many of us who make more than one or two meets a year, but I never even got an invite to the Florida meet last winter, even though I was ranked 8th in PPPB at the time.....odd. I got a serious "good old boy" feeling about that, the same as I did at the PPPB mountain meet this past winter when unranked competitors made the manifest in place of ranked tour competitors.

It is my hope, as a competitor, that the differences truly have been worked out. I like Lyle, but have not spent much time with him; I have known and been friends with Jim for some time now. In my retirement from the service I am going to have plenty of time to get around and hit as many meets as I have money and or sponsorship to attend. You can believe that I will report things exactly how I see them.

Chuck Blue
<><>swoop monkey

PS: who among you is flying to ASC for the meet on 1,2,3 November? Jim?

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The PST or Pro Swooping Tour is owned and organized by Jim Slaton and Lyle Presse. The PST is a product of the old Para-Performance Pro Tour and the Pro Sky Swoop Tour that has been operating for many years now. The first official season for the PST starts in 2003 and the press releases about the new tour are just comming out. Dropzone is one of the first places to hear about it. The PST has a large staff of people stretching from the West coast of California to the East coast of Florida. Even though Jim & Lyle sometime find time to write to sites directly, this is usually done for them by one of the PST staff. Some of you may remember some of us staff from previous events like: Jen Drew, Karine Leblond, Cyndy Torelli and more. So, when you see a post from the PST you can count on the info being direct from the Pro Tour but the exact person making it will depend greatly on the staff member assigned to make the post at that time. Look forward to exciting news from the PST very soon!
Cyndy Torelli
Public relations
PST(Pro Swooping Tour)

Pro Swooping Tour
West coast office:1.909.678.5266
East coast office:1.561.713.5889

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