Wind Tunnel Trips to Russia

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Hi Guys,

Im Vadimus Koro from Moscow, Russia,

Meet some good news ,

B4 you plan to go to any WindTunnel ,
Remember, There is a Professional SkyVenture Wind Tunnel next to Moscow, in Russia, with excelent service www.freezonemoscow.ru

But thats not all,
the best news are the Promo Rates i can give you .
Contact me first and I will arrange you real low rates , (under the cost price ) below the Best Wind Tunnel offers, will organise all nessasery aspects of your trip such as: arrival, hotel, transportation and 24/7 assistance all through your staying .

Check out the Comperison Table

Regular Tunnel rates
chill time(1am-6pm) - 16500r(635$)/hour
hot time(6pm-1am) - 19500r(750$)/hour

Special Promo rates
1am-18pm-------13800r(530$) /1h
---------------------13300r(510$) /1h------over 10h

18pm-1am------15000r (580$)/1h
-------------------14300r (550$)/1h------over 10h

-------------------14500r(555$)/1h--------over 10h

--------------------16000r(615$)/1h--------over 10h

Wanna take more then 20hours ?
Call me and ill give you Special Price with the Capital -S-

U can also find me at facebook.com

+7(985) 410 5672
Vadimus Koro
tuning sport bikes is what i do when im on the ground.
Vadimus Koro,
+420 775 416 854

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Can anyone let me know whether it is possible to get to the tunnel from the metro. I will be living on the green line from next week but am very new to Russia.


I'm NOT totally useless... I can be used as a bad example

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Yes, it is possible. You should reach "Anino" station (grey line down, the last station before the end of the line). From "Anino" there are two ways. The first one - a taxi cab that costs 1500-2000 RUR. The other one - our van, that could pick you up from the same station. In this case please call our manifest and request for picking up in advance. Sometimes our van is picking up from "Anino" our staff in the morning at 7 and in the evening at 16 or 19.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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I am not Vadimus actually, but i am sure he doesn't have anything against if i will answer. ;)
Yes, 16-footer is building up. The concrete basement was done before Christmas and New Year. Here is the link to my page. The engineer from Skyventure is onsite to control the construction process. The skeleton of the tunnel will grow up. ;)
There is no exact opening date, but we are expecting the first flight late Spring. I will let you know. :)

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Hi guys ,
sorry for my absence, flying alot at the tunnel ,
im being obsesed with achiving best freefly skills.
glad to hear from you ,

Thank you Ivan for substituting me while i was out, ill take it from here :)

Skyjuggler , the constructing of the 16,5 ft tunnel is going according the plan, Skyventure Engineeer is controling all crusual aspects of asambling. He sas he needs 2-2,5 months to launch it.

BMFin, August in Finland, Hanko, it was sweat
Speaking of all three tunnels , yes you got it right
Spring 2009 will bring the third tunnel alive in Moscow region ,
a 16,5ft Skydivers Dream master pc. by Skyventure.

Got to tell ya , after 40 hours of tunnel freefly trainings i fly far away from what i performed at Hanko ,
Nothing gives you such a perfection in freeflying in a reletivly short terms as a windtunnel.

Thanx to Freezonemoscow .
Vadimus Koro,
+420 775 416 854

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Hi Guys,

Gaining hights in belly skydiving and freeflying , has never been so easy and unexpensive as it is now indoors at Freezone Moscow 12ft Wind Tunnel.

Forget the old 2008 rates!

This Spring 2009 , Time Limited,
Low Season - Promo Rates .

A block of 10hours - for Less then 3399 euro +
get 1h FOR FREE.
Wanna know more ? send us inquiries now !

Wind tunnel : Skyventure 12 ft

Coaches say, the smaller the wind tunnel the presicer your flying becomes !

Fly schedule : monday- friday ( any working time )

Plus Many Extra's:
1.Pro coaching
2.Close accomodation
5.Personal aproach in pricing and training
....and many other options

And remember ,
buying time for less now gives you opportunity to fly it any season you like within a year.

Dont miss a chance , contact us now

Vadimus Koro, Promo Man,
FreeZone, Moscow
Vadimus Koro,
+420 775 416 854

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Hello Guys,

Hot News for Indoors Skydivers.

Starting march 2009 we turn trips to FreeZone
into a pc of cake, All-Inclusive Event.
From now on you dont think about trip arrangments, We do it for you.

We work on your trip to give you quality flying.

Choose Trip that matches your Spec.

All-Inclusive FreeZone 12ft Tunnel Trips Offers.

1-2 men,
6 Days Tunnel Trip,
Set of 11 hrs (mon-sat , any time )
5hours coaching included + apartment + meal + trasnportation + 24/7 assitance - 4999 euro

6 Days Tunnel Trip,
Set of 22 hrs (mon-sat , any time )
10hours coaching included + apartment + meal + trasnportation + 24/7 assitance - 9699 euro

Visiting spa, relaxing/refreshing massage salon or sauna after traning is also
arrangable for extra charge. (nothing funny)

The Best Time, Place and Prices are Now !
FreeZoneMoscow your Indoors Skydiving Choice # 1

For booking contact me with details,

Vadimus Koro,
Promo Manager,
FreeZone, Moscow
Vadimus Koro,
+420 775 416 854

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New update with maximum options and prices for Freezone Trip Planers.

You can always check our Tunnel Price Table in Rubles on our website ,

Keep in mind that prices might variate
coused by currancy exchange rates movements.

So far, we got three levels of prices - converted into Euros :

----------------------TUNNEL TIME PRICE TABLE ------------------------------------------------

1.Low rates- only Monday, Tuesday & Friday
cheep time (8am-18pm)- 329euro/hour
hot time(18pm-2am)- 366euro/hour
2. Avarage rates -only Wednsday & Thursday
hot time (8am-2am)- 366euro/hour
3. High rates- Saturday & Sunday
bestseller time (8am-0am)- 432euro/hour.

Buying a set of 10 hours you get 1 extra hour for free,
you flight schedule depends on the tunnel price table.

--------------------------------2009 OPTIONS/ OFFERS/ PRICES-----------------------------

10hrs/+1free/,(only mon, tue & fri, 08am-17pm) - 3299euro
11hrs/+1free/, (mon-fri, any time ) - 3659 euro
20hrs/+2free/, (mon-fri, any time ) - 7319 euro

Hotel***- olimp-otel.ru , 15km away from the tunnel (chehov town)
Standart Apart. 2single beds - 65euro/night (breakfast for extra charge)
Standart Improved 1 double bed - 75euro/night (breakfast for extra charge)

MEAL*** AT FREEZONE (menu is subject for negotiation)
breakfast ~ 7-15euro/1person
dinner ~ 10-25 euro/1person
supper~ 10-25 euro/person

1.Train: airport-moscow- ~5euros/one way/~40min
2.Metro/subway: train to Anino station - below 1 euro/one way/~40min
3.Bus #365: Anino-Tunnel/Chehov - ~8 euro/one way/~2 hours

airport-moscow- ~starting 50euros/one way/~30min
moscow-airport ~50euros/one way/~40min (depends on traffic)
Sheremetevo - ~starting 100euros/one way/~ starting 90min
Domodedovo ~starting 70euros/one way/~50min
Vnukovo ~ ~50euros/one way/~40min
one way ~6-10euros/one way/~15min

Airport-Tunnel (arrangable upon advanced agreement )
Tunnel-moscow- tunnel - free of charge (twise a day)
Hotel-Tunnel-Hotel - free of charge

Pro Flyer IBA Level 3 Instructor - rates upon inquiry
Pro Flyer IBA Level 4 Instructor - rates upon inquiry
Presence of safty Instructor during flight - free of charge
Self Coaching - free of charge

Due to Current High Interest to Freezone and Large Volume of Bookings and Flights Traffic, unprepayed time can be booked for 3-5 working days only. Pls, make sure that you manage with the payment with in this period.


We Invite not Freezone Pro-Flyer-Coaches and Teams with personal Students to run your anual camps at FreezoneMoscow on a Long Term Partnership Base.
We will assist you organise camps from A-Z.

Please send your inquiries by Email,

Vadimus Koro,
+420 775 416 854

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