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  1. Ha ha, try Fabian Raidel and Adam Mattacola (Killa) Bet they'd love to read that post! ;)
  2. DSE, thanks for that post. Kind of makes me believe that the lens is a copy and at $99 is a better price than $300. Might take the chance and order one then!
  3. Anyone have anymore comments on the Opteka Baby Death lens? There was a thread about it, but no final conclusion to it. Has anyone had the chance to form an opinion on it? DSE, did you check it out at the convention you were at in Las Vegas?
  4. Any more input with regards to the Opteka Baby Death quality and the century baby death? Is it just a re-brand with a smaller price tab or is it a poorer version? Gustavo, didn't see you last weekend when I visited, but I saw Kuri's century 0.3x on his camera and it looks a nice set up. You think it's too heavy for the CX105 as implied by an earlier post?
  5. Selywn. He's super friendly, great flyer and really good at coaching.
  6. Perfect, thanks for the info guys
  7. Ok cool. That sounds like an Otter does in fact exist there and is used! One more question, is it based there all the time, i.e. I'm interested if it will be there May and June. Thanks for the info
  8. I've check the web-page and info on, but can someone actually confirm if Raeford has a super twin otter and it is currently being used at Raeford. Last time I visited there was just a Pac XL being used.
  9. Vadimus Is there any news on the 16ft Tunnel? Is it under construction? Any dates for completion and use?
  10. Mark Thanks for that, that was exactly what I was after! James
  11. Could someone please explain the difference between the 3-D spacer foam, deluxe backpack and the padded stabilizer options on the Micron? I’ve checked the options guide on the RWS web page and understand the 3-D spacer foam, but what do the other 2 options offer? Can't see any info on them. A brief explanation from someone would be fantastic!
  12. Does anyone know where the scores or news on the 4-way June comp held at Lake Elsinore can be found? Thx!
  13. Nice, thanks. Just saw a tunnel camp ad with the emails on to! Sod's law hey?!?!! Thanks again.
  14. Ari, you have any idea on contacting the coaches. I emailed the address on the paraclete web-page but haven't heard back from anyone. Do any of them post on here? PM'ed Mick, does Punisher hang out on these forums? Any contact details for him? Think I have an email for Will, but if you have any contact details please PM me so I can contact them, that would be great. Thanks!
  15. PM'ed about some other dates