Halloween fun

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What do you do when a regular pumpkin doesn't make a big enough crater? Get out the big'uns.;)

For some reason some of the photo looks photoshopped but it isn't, that's me. 2x4 taped between door sill and step is to keep pumpkin from bouncing on step. Bret would brought out two or three of these a couple of Halloweens for our pumpkin bombing contest. He would throw them but then didn't get to see the splash. I volunteered to throw one for him. I'm guessing 160lbs.

No comments on the harness. Bombing altitude was about 400' so I'm wearing an old student harness tied off to plane. No canopies. By the way that we are ready for take off. It and I didn't get in any farther.

We did this for a lot of years. I usually was judge and would dodge pumpkins as they landed. A little like javelin catcher. I'd usually step about 4 or 5 feet away from impact. When they were close. Some were a 100 yds out into the woods.:S Pilot/plane owner/dz owner is deceased so no fall out.

I have had this print bouncing around my shop 20 years. And then when I went to put it up last fall couldn't find it. Just did again.
I'm old for my age.
Terry Urban

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