What is this plane?#123

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Definitely a Dornier 228.
I jumped them a little in Leutkirch, Bavaria, West Germany back when West Germany was a separate country.
It is slightly bigger (about 24 jumpers) than a Twin Otter, unfortunately the (aft left) cargo door is slightly smaller than a Twin Otter. with the factory-supplied accordian-fold door, it is definitely smaller.

Apparently another Do 228 flew a little at Turners Falls, Mass and is reputed to have flown under a bridge.

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Here are a couple more screengrabs from the video, at Turners Falls, MA. I was on the first US Dornier load.
You could see the whole video if you were my Facebook Friend (but I'm fussy about accepting invites.:P)
What is this bridge stuff I keep hearing about?B|


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