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Been offered a job which will include a year's relocation to Kuala Lumpur. I'm weighting up the pros and cons of the move at the moment and of course skydiving/tunnel comes into it.

As far as I can see there is little or no skydiving there. The DZs look very small with only Cessnas. There is the tunnel in Singapore which is a few hours away but I won't be able to afford much time there with their current pro flyer rates (even at super off peak).

Any thoughts? Will I have to take a year off from skydiving/tunnel if I accept this job?

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Not sure if it is still in operation, but there was a Skyventure up in Genting. Too slow for hd, but fast enough for belly. And they always had very good rates. There was a bunch of expat jumpers flying there regularly when I was there, but that was before the Singapore tunnel opened...
Genting Highlands is about an hour drive north of KL.

And by the way, KL is a cool city. If the pay is good, get the job.

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Air Asia flights out of KL to Australia can be very, very cheap.
Your best option for jumping would be to follow the Aussie boogie schedule.

Also look up KL skydive on Facebook. They seem to jump occasionally.
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No jumping whatsoever in Malaysia. Tunnel sucks and only can sit fly there if you have a very baggy suit, but on the up side is stupid cheap. Great for learning back+slow speed dynamic basics.

Buy plane tickets up to Bangkok and hit up the DZ there called thaiskyadventures 1hr drive from the airport open 6 days a week. Old porter, but quick and jump ticket prices are 950baht which is $30 USD a jump. Plane ticket from KUL-BKK is usually around $180-$250 depending on your airlines. Airasia is quite cheap.

There are a few jumpers that live in KL and fly up to BKK once a month to jump. Also many jumpers that live in Singapore/Hongkong fly over about once a month to jump. If ya move, maybe will see ya around TSA2 DZ. Cheers
For info regarding lift ticket prices all around the world check out

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