DZ near Tulsa, OK

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Hi, all. I'm looking for suggestions of a friendly, tandem and fun-jumper friendly DZ near Tulsa.

My home DZ is in Florida, but I'll be in Tulsa for a wedding during July and want to get my brother a tandem jump as a college graduation gift (he lives in Tulsa). I'd love to jump with him, although with just shy of 200 jumps myself, I realize that may be a tough sell at a DZ that doesn't know me from Adam.

The most recent posts on this topic have mentioned Skydive Airtight in Skiatook, but nothing newer than about 2005 has mentioned Skydive Tulsa in Cushing. Those are the two closest DZs and so are the ones I've looked at so far.

Does anyone have new info/reviews about Skydive Tulsa? Has anyone jumped at both DZs and developed a preference for one over the other? And am I missing a nearby DZ that may be an even better fit?

Many thanks in advance!!

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I worked at Skydive Airtight and loved it there. Really chill, laid back, and friendly. Great view with the lake. We jump a few 182s. My buddy works at Oklahoma Skydive Center in cushing. He likes it there. They jump a 206 and 402. I haven't jumped at Skydive Tulsa so I can't speak for it.

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