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  1. It worked out great until all the backroom deals the Dems were cooking caught up and backfired. Only the Dems would call a tax increase a surplus! Same thing Hussien Obama and his cronies are trying to do to our country. The only difference is he and his admin is getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar! Holder and Lerner both need to go to jail and Obama impeached!!
  2. Really...So Hussien Obama could avoid an act of terrorism occurring during his term! He did a great dis-service to the survivors by not calling it what it was TERRORISM. For those of you who disagree, when a piece of shit starts firing shouting Allah Akbar its terrorism! BTW the survivors get no financial relief/help because it was classified workplace violence.
  3. Skydive Tulsa IS NOT IN Cushing!!! Skydive Tulsa is in Haskell OK. I've jumped all three and really like Skydive Tulsa for scenery and a great bunch of people! Give Dale a call.
  4. Yeah but in your case it was just a horny DZO! LOL
  5. Does anyone know the length for POBs on the Mini System main and reserve containers? Thanks
  6. And DEMO,DEMO,DEMO before you buy! You don't say how many jumps you have but a boogie, like Summerfest, is a great place to demo gear.
  7. It appears that the new tandem rig "borrowed" PLIs Y tandem bridle.
  8. It's a Slipstream!? Check if the flares overlap on the ribs they're sewn to.
  9. Has anyone posted ... Women were exempt from the draft because they were exempt from combat. Since the ban has been officially lifted it's only a matter of time before your daughter or wife will have to register for Selective Service.