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  1. racerman

    Used gear questions

    pm the price of the pro track
  2. racerman

    1970s Skydiving Videos

    That sure brings back memories. I satrted hanging around a dz back in 67 and made my first jump when I turned 16 in 1976. Thanks for posting!!!
  3. racerman

    Pegasus Air Sports Center

    RU talking about the one in OK?
  4. racerman


    Don't do it!!! The colostomy bag will expand with altitude and I'm sure you can guess the rest!
  5. racerman

    greetings from ohio

    Welcome to DZ.com. I started jumping when I was a sophmore in high school. Where in Ohio are you from? Tandems are more expensive, if you can afford AFF I suggest that's the way to go if you're still interested after you Tandem. Blue Skies! BTW you're about to join an unique brother/sisterhood. We don't look down on other jumpers ability to afford jumping. Just make sure you have someone explain the beer rule !!!
  6. racerman

    Desperatly wanting too...

    Just go and do it! I hadn't jumped in 10 years and in all that time I never stopped looking up at the sky wondering why I stopped. I couldn't come up with a good reason so I went to the local dropzone with my logbook and took the FJC. That was three years ago and even with the passing of two friends I haven't regretted it!!!!!! Remember, Always answer yourself it freefall!