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  1. I had a diapered X-210R in my Racer in the 80's.
  2. racerman

    DZ near Tulsa, OK

    Skydive Tulsa IS NOT IN Cushing!!! Skydive Tulsa is in Haskell OK. I've jumped all three and really like Skydive Tulsa for scenery and a great bunch of people! Give Dale a call.
  3. racerman

    how come department?

    One word...exoskeleton!
  4. racerman

    What not to do as a DZO.

    Yeah but in your case it was just a horny DZO! LOL
  5. racerman

    New VOODOO Curv

    Congrtats! What's in it?
  6. racerman

    Pack opening bands

  7. racerman

    Pack opening bands

    Does anyone know the length for POBs on the Mini System main and reserve containers? Thanks
  8. racerman

    Wings color choice

    I like D
  9. And DEMO,DEMO,DEMO before you buy! You don't say how many jumps you have but a boogie, like Summerfest, is a great place to demo gear.
  10. racerman

    Vague Manufacturer Advertising

    It appears that the new tandem rig "borrowed" PLIs Y tandem bridle.
  11. racerman

    Who Made This Canopy?

    It's a Slipstream!? Check if the flares overlap on the ribs they're sewn to.
  12. racerman

    Hanging gear?

    I have two of them. They take very little space when broken down. I take them along when I go to boogies, beats the heck outta throwing $5,000 rigs on the ground!
  13. racerman

    PD price increase

    Thanks for checking!
  14. racerman

    PD price increase

    So true. I did ask several dealers and they didn't know either. Thanks for the reply!