30 years at Cal-City

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Your name is one of the many that I remember from Cal City. I worked for Van during the '85/'86 winter season in the "loft" and doing AFF. Gawd, 20 years ago now.
Very good times with Bill Reed, Bob Sinclair, Roy Keck, Andy Anderson, Joan E Mahony, Philly, Nick Grebb, Dan Bardwell, Ron Setina, Greg Schaper, Bill Estes, Roger the pilot, Terri, Sammy Ramos, Tom Campbell, Ursala, Mike DeLuna, Virginia Morris, and on and on.
Memorable moments of my visit:
A jump into the Silver Saddle Resort and trying to find Roger's van in the desert the next day.
Watching the live coverage of the Challenger shuttle disaster on the dz TV.
Holding in trust Roger's 45 while he and Terri "worked things out".
Coming back to Montana with Joaquin Valley Fever.
And, oh ya, wind, wind, wind.
And, oh ya, drinking beer.


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My god, those are some things I haven't thought about in years. And most of the names you brought up are alive and well and in touch with some one in the skydiving world. so we still hear from them.
take care and Blue skies.

Only the good die young, so I have found immortality,

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Thanks also to Bob and Judy Celaya, who ran it for many years and are still up in Cal City. Thanks also to the crazy Dano who was my first jump instructor.

The Celayas were DZOs when I started back in 92. I did my 1st and 2nd S/L jump on the day of the big, yearly Peckerhead Meat / party. Knowing nothing about skydiving, once the band came on, people were drinking and dancing, and then someone was lowered from the ceiling on fire, I thought... damn, skydivers know how to party. I figured that was a normal weekend occurance. haaa...

Lots of great memories from Cal City. Now that I'm in DeLand, I'm especially greatful for my roots. They only had a Cessnas when I started. Mmm... I do have to say that I don't miss the cold, winter morning jumps or landing on dirt but I do miss the view of the Tehachapi mountains and many of the people.

Congrats to Van and Alberta on 30 yrs. They've done a great job with the place.

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Awesome! Myself and Long Pete speant quite sometime in the desert. I had the privilege of throwing drogues, doing AFF, A3F and even wash the otter at Cal City in '93, '94 and early '95. I made some awesome friends and have some great memories. Beautiful Majove Desert, the early bird loads meant us almost freezing in freefall, doing tandems in the strong desert winds, phenominal winter sunsets, Edwards airforce base and secret aircraft flying around (raptor), many sonic booms, space shuttle landings, drinking green bottles, folding Majave Desert News with Van on Wednesdays... or was it thursdays??....and of course great people, Van, Jnr, Bob, Judy, Kim, Ian, Tom, Emiko, Lisa, Laura, Dano, Ron, Michele, Rose, Joe, and of course Kahlua. Damm, cool trip down memory lane! Well done Van on a milestone - 30 years!

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