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  1. Fuck fuck fuck. Not sure if I'm allowed to swear here but that's all I can feel right now.
  2. Mariann, I'm pissed off that you're gone and I'm so sad I won't see your smiling, glittered-up face again in this life, but I'm grateful that God blessed me with knowing you. Hopefully you didn't get a contact drunk from how many times I toasted you on Sunday. But then again, fuck, you're in the sky now, no rules up there. You'll be very missed by many. Go big, God speed, love you always. -Kimberly Griffin
  3. Thai Kitchen Garlic and Vegtitable noodles with additional red pepper or kimchi. Mmmmmmm
  4. Because I do love this thread, here's a picture of every man's worst nightmare... a three headed woman. Me, Arlo and Tutti last month, DeLand.
  5. I'm not sure who to congratulate more, JC for joining the PD team or PD for getting JC. What a killer combo.
  6. Hei Kristin. I've lived in DeLand for over 10 yrs now (yikes!) I think DeLand is one of the few drop zones around that actually has something to do when there's bad weather. The town w/ all sorts of food and some bars within bicycle distance. It would be way better to have a car here, though, as public tranportation sucks and some nice things are within driving distance. We have pretty decent sushi now at the Thai restaruant that is not far from the DZ. The bar at the DZ (The Perfect Spot) isn't the best but they have beer and wine and decent food - and internet computers for hire. There's another bar within stumbling distance from the DZ that also has liquor and is pretty popular w skydivers on some days (called the "Airport Bar"). There's a nice, more upscale wine bar in downtown Deland where skydivers often meet to relax and talk. There is all sorts of food to eat in downtown DeLand (Thai, French/Vietnamese, Italian, Cuban, basic cafe with real coffee + more). Some of the beaches are really nice (well, not Daytona for actually going to the beach). There's a movie theather in DeLand but that takes a car (or a long bike ride). There are natural springs (73c) that are nice to swim in within 15-20 minutes drive from the DZ. I second Skymama on St Augustine... you drive up the coast on the way, really pretty, great prices at the outlett malls up there too! Some skydivers go golfing here, there's a course in Deland. But, doubt you're going to bring golf clubs! If you get get sore from too much jumping, I know a good massage therapist (Me) You should have someone set up tours of the different skydiving factories for interested people in your group. I know PD and RWS have tours daily. It's always fun when the Norges invade DeLand. I'm sure you won't be needing too much entertianment off the DZ. Hopefully you can see some other parts of Florida, though. I'm sure you're going to enjoy the warmth and sunshine no matter what. Bring sunscreen! Have fun!!!!
  7. I'm in to french truffles at the moment. Dark and creamy! If not that, any thing swiss, sometimes German, Belgian. I'm all for Americans (since I am one) but our chocolate sucks. For anyone in or visiting DeLand, there is a little shop downtown called The Candy Castle. There is a plethera of good imported chocolate, black licoric, and other candies.
  8. The first day I met Chad was at the World Freefall Convention in 2005. He introduced himself by hugging me for about 3 minutes straight. (I am good friends with his girlfriend, Sara.) I got to spend a little time w Chad and Sara in Perris at Nationals. What a wonderful, beautiful, warm man with a heart of gold. My heart breaks for the loss of such a great man. It's so hard to understand why tragedies happen to such good people! My prayers and thoughts go out to Sara who had found the love of her life and whose heart is now hurting so badly, to his beautiful daughters, and to the many friends and family members who must love and miss him so much. I am so sorry for your loss. Chad, I wish I had gone to see you and Sara in Tampa now but I'm so thankful I got to know you even a little. God bless you on your new journey, you beautiful soul.
  9. Here's another one of Kim Feltner. She's not just pretty, but a skydiver, teacher (high school... God bless her!), a bookkeeper/accountant, mom to two teenagers, and great friend. Actually, SuperWoman is down with the flu this week! Guess even super heros get sick sometimes.
  10. I couldn't make it to the DZ last Sat. Thank you very much for the pictues. Man, it's still unreal that he's gone. Well, just gone from here for now.
  11. I thought it was pretty cool that they played the Soul Flyers first video at a snowboard/ski gear shop in Whistler/Backcomb, Canada. The snowboarders think we're crazy, but I was way more scared snowboading on the icey mountiain.
  12. Congratulations, Eric and Thomas!!!! I'm sure Airspeed will continue to kick ass with you guys on the team. Dennis and Neal, all my best wishes on your new endeavors!!!! ~Kim Griffin Vigil USA, DeLand, Fla. -Kimberly Griffin
  13. Thanks also to Bob and Judy Celaya, who ran it for many years and are still up in Cal City. Thanks also to the crazy Dano who was my first jump instructor. The Celayas were DZOs when I started back in 92. I did my 1st and 2nd S/L jump on the day of the big, yearly Peckerhead Meat / party. Knowing nothing about skydiving, once the band came on, people were drinking and dancing, and then someone was lowered from the ceiling on fire, I thought... damn, skydivers know how to party. I figured that was a normal weekend occurance. haaa... Lots of great memories from Cal City. Now that I'm in DeLand, I'm especially greatful for my roots. They only had a Cessnas when I started. Mmm... I do have to say that I don't miss the cold, winter morning jumps or landing on dirt but I do miss the view of the Tehachapi mountains and many of the people. Congrats to Van and Alberta on 30 yrs. They've done a great job with the place.
  14. I cry while singing it does that give you a clue?-Caress *** Oh good, I'm not the only one
  15. Well, stop wasting your life away then. The only one who can help you have a happy life is you. (I love, love, love the holidays!) Great advice! I'm with you, Skymama! -Kimberly Griffin