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  1. Well, I guess that I'll never get that $5000.00 that he owes me for using one of my 182s in Naples.
  2. FORTY years ago today! The ram-air in the photo is Scot's Cloud with a flap attached along the entire trailing edge
  3. Jim Heydorn. It is now Jan 4th, 2014.
  4. I just found out that two of the instructors who were hoping to come to the boogie to help with the school cannot make it here because of scheduling changes. So . . . if you can help by doing some AFF during the mid-week, that would be great. Please call so we can discuss the details. Thanks, Fred ........ 888-833-5867
  5. Sandpoint to us is about a two hour drive.
  6. We had a 16MM copy but it disappeared 20+ years ago. It sure would be great if it was resurrected.
  7. Hey, all of you superstar skydivers. The boogie is only a month away. Please plan to get current BEFORE you come out and hope to hop on the Otters. There are only 4 more weekends (31 days) until they arrive. With all the school activities at Skydive Lost Prairie already planned, it may be tough for you to just show up, grab a rig, buy a ticket and climb on board without being current. So, come out and make a few from the 182. We have been jumping every day. Zac is here and ready to fly 33A any day of the week. Mike and Fred are here to give you a refresher course if needed. Griz is here to do some camera work for you. This is just a heads up that you need to get your knees in the breeze SOON; BEFORE the boogie. Give us a call and let us know what we need to do for you so you can enjoy those 13,000 foot jumps. 406-858-2493 / 888-833-5867
  8. For what it's worth: I remember a skyfull of PCs and other round canopies looked cooler and more colorful then a skyfull of squares ever will. A DC-3 load putting 40 in the air at once was brilliant. With the great names of Invader, Challenger, Gazelle, Churchwindow (both Black and California), Red Baron, Blue Max, 007, etc, even the color patterns had cool names. Now, "stock color" or "demo color" just doesn't make it even if there are 100+ in the sky.
  9. Yes, I think that Rocky was the DZO at Flagler.
  10. In 1995, I jumped a turbine Single Otter at Flagler Beach in Florida. My logbook comment about it was “EXCELLENT AIRCRAFT!” I think that the operator while as a jump plane was Trey Johnson (?). N84SF at the time but a search for C-GHAS will find some recent photos of it. Here is some info from a DHC-3 website. De Havilland DHC-3T C-GHAS DHC-3 Otter c/n 284 was delivered to the United States Army on 05Sep1958 with serial 57-6136 (tail number 76136). It was delivered from Downsview to Fort Hood, TX, one of 4 Otters delivered around this time to the 2nd Missile Command, which subsequently moved to Fort Carson, Colorado. The Otter served there until Sep59, then being re-assigned to the 57th Aviation Company at Fort Sill, OK. By Jan62 it was attached to the Headquarters Company, 15th Military Intelligence Battalion at Fort Bragg, but spent some of its time at Fort Huachuca, AZ. In Oct63 it joined the Aviation Section at Fort Ord, CA and the following month it joined the 17th Aviation Company at Fort Ord and then in June 1964 the Otter Transition School at Fort Ord. It continued to serve there until the School was closed and in Aug71 transferred to the US Army Aviation School at Fort Rucker, AL. The School came under the United States Army Aviation School Command (USAASC) and was based at Cairns AAF, Fort Rucker and as well as the Otter also flew the Beaver, Beech U-21A and T-42 Baron. The Otter continued in service with the School until 29th March 1972, on which date it was handed over to the US Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker. 76136 was put on display at the Museum and remained as an exhibit until 1993, when it was decided to sell the aircraft, and replace it as the museum exhibit with Otter 76135 (c/n 283), which was then in storage at Fort Rucker. 76136 was advertised for sale, and sold to Sound Flight Inc of Renton Airport, Seattle, WA to whom it was registered N84SF in June, 1994. It was converted to a Vazar turbine Otter and modified with large panoramic windows, the first such conversion. For the next 8 years, it flew from Renton as a floatplane, on scheduled and charter work along the Pacific coast. Sound Flight Inc operated scheduled services to Victoria on Vancouver Island, to the San Juan Islands and to points along the Inside Passage, during the summer months, using either the Otter or one of its Beavers. It also flew charters in those areas. During the summer months, the Otter was heavily tasked, flying fishermen to lodges. During the first few years of its operation by Sound Flight, the Otter deployed to DeLand, FL during the winter, where it was used for skydiving, which helped pay for its keep. In more recent years, it was stored at Renton each winter. In 2001, the owners of Sound Flight Inc decided to close down the business and instead lease out their aircraft. The Otter was transferred to Airlease Inc, Renton on 05Mar02 and then leased to Transwest Air for the summer of 2002, being registered C-FADW to Transwest Air Ltd Partnership, Prince Albert, SASK on 30May02. It remained in Sound Flight colours during this lease, and was based at Hatchet Lake in the north-east of Saskatchewan, serving a fishing lodge. It passed through Vancouver on 14Oct02 returning to the lessor. It was then reregistered to Airlease Inc as N84SF on 19Feb03, being sold on the following month to Harbour Air Ltd of Vancouver, registered C-GHAS on 24Mar03. It was re-painted into the Harbour Air colour scheme and entered service as part of their large fleet of turbine Otters on their commuter services.
  11. Scot had a streamer on his PC during deployment. It is speculated that he had a dislocated shoulder, a problem that was known to occur for him. The combination of problems caused him to run out of time. The 'bungee over the ripcord' was another accident and I believe quite some time before Scot's accident. Kerry Zacharias from Canada went in at the jumpmeet in Kalispell in Aug, 1974. No pull. The plan for his dive was to do a style series for a license requirement. He lost track of time doing his turns. And unfortunately, between these two, a first jump static line student went in at Bozeman. No main out, no reserve pull. Things were then quiet in Montana until the early '80's.
  12. Feb 10, 1974 / 37 years ago Scot McLean First buddy that I knew who died jumping.
  13. madjohn, 'chime' in
  14. Never heard of a 'Churchill'. Church Windows came with a multi-colored keyhole and the rest of the PC was either black or white; the white one actually being called a California Churchwindow.