One of the Greatest Skydiving Moments I've ever had

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Tonight, over Skydive Santa Barbara, I made a wingsuit jump with my close friend and roommate, RJ$$. As sweet as those jumps are normally, tonights jump was even sweeter because Vandenberg AFB was launching a Delta II rocket (supposedly carrying an Italian Satellite payload) which launched shortly after we began our flight/flock. We had to wait around in the air for almost 20 minutes (at $10/min shared by the fun jumpers on board) waiting for the launch but it was absolutely amazing. RJ$$ followed me out of the plane (with his semi-intentional barrel-roll/back-flip) and we flew slightly perpendicular to jump run waiting for the rocket to launch.

After about 30 seconds of watching for the rocket and checking my flight with him (we were only about a foot apart), the rocket launched and we watched it break through the clouds around the launch pad and checked back with each other. That moment when I looked away from the amazing sight of a rocket launching right in front of me in freefall while flying my wingsuit to see my friend flying only inches away from me....one of the best skydiving moments I've ever had. It was absolutely amazing.

Just thought I'd share...


(pics to follow tomorrow hopefully)

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You know you are a loser... The biggest loser that I ever have met. Such a big loser that the Atlas rocket had to correct it's flightpath because it was being sucked in to your loserness....

With your incredible sense of altitude awareness, did you or your Cypres pull for you while you were looking at the Atlas in front of you?

(Note to moderators: This personal attack is to a very good friend because I am jealous and in real life communication I would probably slap him upside the head with a stick saying, "and you did not invite me, I would have flown to Cali for that experience, a$$hat".)

In all seriousness... I wish I was there and am happy that you had a blast (all puns intended).

Oh, and to celebrate your return to Colorado before you even get here - I am going to be flying a wingsuit on Sunday!!!

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Loser only has one O. I love the irony.

And in all seriousness, Rich's exit reminded me of you. :)

This came after a freaking miserably bad day at work where I performed very poorly on an evaluation and we only had a few hours notice for the jump. You would have had to take the Concorde to get here in time.

but uh...how was giving your dog a bath? was that a good time? eat that personal attack...

see ya soon...and maybe you can work on not being blacklisted at the dz, eh?

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