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Hi all, I am looking at getting 'back' into the sport after a 6 year break.
I started the RAPS progression on 3 different occasions (long story, young, beer, better things to spend cash on). I manged to get 18 static line jumps and a 3 and 5 second freefall.
Now that i'm a bit older and wiser I want to start again.
The AFF route is a lot of cash to fork out in 1 go, and in theory you can go through the RAPS and get to Cat8 in 16 jumps.
I'm spending a bit of time in the wind tunnel over winter and even after a 6 year break my previous training is still fresh in my mind, I guess you don't forget your reserve drills!
What do you think the best route is?
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I started on RAPS and then went AFF route basically cos i turned up 19 times and only managed 2 RAPS jumps cos of lovely english weather,too cloudy or too windy etc.
If money is tight consider doing AFF in Europe as it may well be cheaper than in the UK cos everything is expensive here!!!
Whatever you decide have fun.
Swooping, huh? I love that stuff ... all the flashing lights and wailing sirens ... it's very exciting!

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