Willful non-compliance FAA Redbull stunt - Eloy, April 24th

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I might have missed a post discussing this:

Great video here: - I don't know who this dude is, but I love his presentation. 



2 skydivers plan to put their individual planes in a dive, exit, and then transfer to to the other plane then recovering it. Cool stunt - IF they can pull it off.


But there are always those pesky legalities. 

CFR 91.105 - 'Be at the crewmember station unless the absence is necessary to perform duties in connection with the operation of the aircraft'.

CFR 91.13 - 'No person may operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner so as to endanger the life or property of another.'


The team did SPECIFICALLY apply to the FAA for a waiver to 91.105  and were rejected. They did the stunt anyway and it went to shit, ending with one plane crashing into the desert. 


Unsurprisingly the FAA isn't particularly happy. And this is just the latest in social media stunts involving skydiving developed to garner 'likes' from a platform. See the recent Trevor Jacobs episode as an example 


Personally I hope all involved lose all their licenses. Skydiving really doesn't need additional FAA scrutiny over what we do for video.... 


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