Cool unusual video from my dropzone in Poland

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Wow that is some impressive lift capacity for that size aircraft. I saw 1 takeoff and landing. And what 28 ? exits. It's got that clown car magic:P:D:D

i have on occasion been accused of pulling low . My response. Naw I wasn't low I'm just such a big guy I look closer than I really am .

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Super Vid,,thx,,,curious why that freakin' song is on so many skydiving videos,,it's nothing but some idiot shreiking,,,,almost as bad as Rap.....[:/]

I like the song, but I am also confused why it is so common in skydiving videos. The song is called Sail, says maybe he should kill himself, has ADD (I think whoever wrote the lyrics had ADD :P ). But whatever. Cool video, thanks for sharing.
Max Peck
What's the point of having top secret code names, fellas, if we ain't gonna use 'em?

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