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Some of you might've already seen my Facebook post but i still haven't been able to find a rigger so I'm going to post it again here. I just got my first rig with a Raven that is 20 years old with what I was told has no rides. Ive spoke to two riggers and they both refused to pack the reserve because they have a rule against packing 20 year old canopies. I'm located in Fort Lauderdale and am looking for a rigger in the area who can pack it. The closest rigger I have been able to find who will pack it is at Zhills which is 4 hours away from me. Doesn't need to be in Fort Lauderdale specifically, just someone closer that Zhills.

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Their "rule" might only be a loft policy.

I have packed plenty of Ravens that were more than 20 years old.

What year was your Raven made?
How big is it?
How much do you weigh?
Which Dash-letter is it?

There have only been a couple of Service Bulletins issued on Raven reserves.

The first SB "recommended" installing a bikini slider on the first batch of Ravens, converting them to Raven Bs. The new slider should be written on the orange label.

Circa 2000, Precision issued a second SB affecting some Raven Dash-m all sizes. Any Raven Dash-M with single bar-tacks through the Type 3 tape line attachment tapes, needs to be re-sewn or returned to the factory of new line attachment tapes (Type 1 webbing).
Today I packed a Raven Dash Mb-150-....... that had the later pattern line attachment tapes.
I would not jump an original Raven Dash-M.

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