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Coolidge AZ, 1977-78

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'go in here'  hehe

I think it was '80, I went to the infamous Ghoulidge annual Christmas - New Year's boogie. Ended up doing my first demo. They were doing a jump into a nearby country club / golf course for their 'All America Days', or some such. They had someone with a red canopy, and someone with a white one. Mine just happened to be blue. Didn't have a whole lot of jumps at the time (started in '79), so they asked me how my accuracy was. 'Pretty good, I think', I told them, so they said they'd watch me on my next jump. Had a malfunction, cut away to a round reserve. By the time I landed and got back to the hangar, they had retrieved my canopy, straightened it out, had a rig for me to pack it into, and had a rigger arranged to pack my reserve. As soon as I was packed we climbed into a 182 and went to do the demo. Had a great time, they fed us a great lunch, and we flew and jumped back into the dz, where my rig was waiting for me, reserve repacked.

What a place, what an era. And yes, of course I bought the beer...

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