Tandems & outside video & FARS

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a friend of mine is saying that if a TI jumps with outside video (or any RW people) that don't meet the manufacturers recommendations (min total RW jumps and min currency RW jumps) they are violating FAR 105. (I assume 105.45 click link for text: https://uspa.org/SIM/9#105-45)

is this the consensus?

the FAR "letter of the law" says the TI needs to be trained / certified by manufacturer, not actually following all recommendations, but that seems to be a weasely way to look at it.

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I agree with you.

Too many DZs are desperate for outside videographers so that as soon as a sport jumper has 300 jumps, he starts videoing tandems.

After one arrogant flew directly over my drogue, he never jumped with me again. The video only showed fingers and toes extending beyond the drogue.

I would much rather strap a camera to my hand - and double the TI's work-load - than be chased by a junior jumper.

Originally, tandem manufacturers restricted videographers to TIs or AFFIs. This was just a polite way of saying "If you have to ask, you do not understand the risks."

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Which part of 105.45 covers anyone accompanying the Tandem pair in freefall? I don't see it. 

I don't even see anything about 'following all manufacturers rules for operating' the rig.

Or even USPA's BSRs. 


Not going to start debating on what qualifications 'lurkers' should have, or how important it is to follow the BSRs & Mfg rules. 

But I'm not seeing it in the FARs.
However, I'm open to other interpretations.

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