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ATC2 vs Carve 20

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1 hour ago, Keithor said:

Black and Red!  I opted not to go Green as I couldn't handle that much power according to the dealer :p



Thanks everyone for their input.  The Funk I own doesn't really fit properly and I've had my reserve handle slide inside the suit twice.  The first time I chalked it up to not having the zippers done properly or just some sort of rigging fuck up.  After the second time I determined the suit didn't fit me properly and have been borrowing a friends Funk2.  

Ultimately I decided on the Carve 20.  I don't have the ability and time to go and properly figure out how to go open exits, or for that matter even the desire to go after some short starts etc.  IF I can get myself to a point where I can start thinking about doing something other than Brento and some "easier" exits in the Valley or Norway I may think about something else.  

Before any of the above happen I want to go get comfortable and have some fun.  Seems like the Carve is my best choice for now.

Thanks again.

If your goal is WS BASE, then the Carve is not really an ideal choice. I mean it's easy to fly, but the performance just does not match most T suits. The Carve is a Delta wingsuit which Delta-shaped wingsuits in general are intended for acro, not performance. You want something fast that can give you a solid glide ratio while still maintaining a lot of forward speed. The ATC2 or Strix would be a lot better in that environment with the ATC2 being the safer of the choice since the tail does not pass the feet like the Strix (less chance of tripping on the exit).

But as others said, as long as you got a good color that's what matters most.

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Havok is a perfectly good ws to start ws base. Easy, forgiving and efficient start. For sure less forward speed than the other ws like strix/ freak but if you fly properly you won t have any problem. Here in Europe many people do ws base in Havok. I have friend who was jumping the Brevent with. So no worries about and once you ll be ready for more it ll be already freak6 or strix 22 ;)

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