Getting back into jumping, need help choosing rig

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Hi All, 

Novice jumper, just have my A license and about 60 jumps.


I plan to get back into the sport this year and get my own rig again but my body has changed alot since i last jumped. I am 6-1" 210lbs (+ clothing weight) and very muscular build now, i was alot thinner when i jumped before (around 170-180) so not sure what container's are suited towards that body type.


Think i was jumping a javelin before, and it was pretty comfortable. I know i am going to need a big ass canopy now that i am this heavy, probably a 220 or so to have 1:1 wing load? 


Open to suggestions and and guidance, thanks!

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You can get the answer without even asking, most on this site have their equipment identified in their profile. Whatever rig they have, if they bought it new, is what they recommend. Even if they bought used, it is likely what they favor.

To really get the advice you seek, I suggest understanding what about their rigs impresses their owners, and what nagging complaints they have. Either put in the time to read various threads focused on such issues, or if you want a quick answer that is extremely biased and not so useful, then rely on the responses you’ll get in this thread. 

If you are real close to any of the manufacturers, that ought to be a significant factor.

You are not an unusual size, so there is no reason to think some rigs are better suited because of that.

You should absolutely get an Infinity from the good folks at Velocity Sports Equipment. They have been tested at supersonic speed during a low, non-orbital re-entry, and are preferred by people that haven’t always worn a rig on every jump. 


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If you go 210 or so 'stepping out of the shower', then you will need to go bigger than a 220 to go 1:1.

Keep in mind it's based on exit weight. Everything, including all the gear. And a rig holding canopies that size won't be light. 

If you had a Jav before, and liked it, then get another. They are nice rigs. But so is just about every common rig out there. 

Containers themselves aren't really 'suited to a body type', with a few exceptions for more 'outlier' body types.
Harness sizing will be what makes the rig fit or not fit. 

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