Camera mounting newbie question.

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TLDR: I've reached 200+ jumps and i consider mounting a camera. What is the safest way to approach it ? I take into account that the camera is a major distraction but i want to focus only on the mounting technicalities.

Hey Guys

I'm sure it was answered before but i made a fair amount of attempts to find an answer and it got me to the point that i'm starting this thread.  Links to relevant threads that i have may be missed will be greatly appreciated.

I have 213 jumps and i didn't even start thinking of mounting a camera before. Now as i'm getting my new G4, i began thinking that may be at some point i would like to mount a camera too.  

For the matter of the discussion it is 100% clear to me that camera is a major distraction no matter what mount/camera i use. I want to focus only on the technical part of mounting the camera setting aside the distraction issue. 

From my perspective it seems that there are few major technical issues: 

1) Snag point - mount catching line is bad. If it detaches/breaks it can still be a problem. If it doesn't detach i would guess it can be even worse. 

2) Impact - event if you don't drill i -the mount point is obviously a failure point of the helmet in direct impact Michael Schumaher style

3) Any other major issue i am missing?

I understand that probably the safest mounting strategy will be to avoid mounting altogether.

But what is the second best(safest) strategy ?

I'm planning to continue jumping mainly RW. As i've said i'm going to get G4 and i have GoPro Hero5 if you have concrete recommendations with  this setup. Getting a new camera or going for a different helmet can be an option, though i would really like a full face helmet.

Thank you for taking time answering a newbie question.

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If you drill G4, you lose both impact rating and warranty.
I installed VMag on mine and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It's not as good shooting angle as if it were on top of helmet but at least you save on those two thing I mentioned plus chin mounted cameras are a bit less of a snag point in comparison to top of helmet ones.
Also, no need for installing extra cutaway system as it is detachable by it's own design ^.^ 
If snatching forces are not strong, you simply pull it off yourself and if they are strong it will fall/break on it's own.

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