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US flag made out of F111 material.


I'm trying to find someone or a company who builds flags (U.S. Flag) 400 to 500 Square feet.  Suggestions?  Thanks.

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ThighMan.  A big problem with "F111 type" material (Harris mills no longer makes actual F-111), is that the darkest red they sell is pale.  It looks pretty good on the packing table, but when the sun shines thru - it looks like anemic pink.  Also, make sure the blue is very very dark blue.  Whatever you have it made of, do yourself a favor and get samples before you have it made to make sure the colors are dark enough to make it look like a real flag - not a wimpy pastel colored one.  I would actually suggest NOT making it of that thin material, as the sun shining thru really thin fabric really wimps out the color.  If you PM me I can suggest a fabric that is better.  A bit heavier, yes, but more opaque for the color presentation.

Also, I doubt anyone can embroider the stars that big - and certainly not on material that thin.  Usually have to have a heavy adhesive backing to embroider thin stuff.  If you want to keep it light, skip the embroidery stars and have white stars by some other means.

Please PM me.  I might make one for you.  Appx 15 x 25 to 16 x 28 range  (have to calc the proper proportions) will give you the square footage you want.  Skydiving demo flags that are towed are proportioned to be longer than flags flown over buildings.  Flags flown over buildings- retrofitted to skydiving -  usually look too rectangular.  Also, a shorter leading edge is obviously to the skydivers advantage.  Small American flags that are retrofitted for skydiver use  "casket sized"  5 x 9 dimensions, and not the usual "front porch" flags size of 6 x 8.  The 6 x 8's  look too rectangular when towed. 

I have made and flown my own 12 x 24 flag in many demos with "F111 type" (thin nylon cloth for the red and white stripes) for many years.  For the 12 foot leading edge It could (should) be longer.  If I had it to do over I would change the dimensions and the fabric.  PM me if you would like to discuss.



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