USPA Board of Directors Elections 2018

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I was able to email my questions to the current ND’s and ND candidate John H. King.

All of the other candidates did not list an email in their bio. Therefore, I was unable to send my questions to;

Richard Winstock
Randy Connell
James Hayhurst
Kevin Gibson
Shanon Searls
Lindsey C. Miller
Alan T. "Al" King
Scott Smith
Albert Berchtold
Jarrett Martin
William "Bill" Scott

My questions;

What do you plan to change as an USPA National Director?

What do you not want to change as an USPA National Director?

What is your opinion on mandatory USPA membership?

Edited to;

Are you in favor or against the USPA having as part of the GM Pledge this requirement;

“Require introductory or regular individual USPA membership of:
1. all U.S. skydivers cleared for self-supervision
2. non-resident foreign nationals who do not have proof of membership in their national aeroclub.”

What is your opinion on the USPA Group Member Program?

What is your opinion on the aircraft maintenance and pilot reporting requirements as part of the USPA GM program?

Derek V

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Yeah, really amazing in this day and age that isn't easily available. I'm sure many of us have questions about each candidates views on current issues.
To all candidates running this year:
Answer these questions and the 1 that seems to be getting the most attention this year, funding the National museum

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I forgot to include these in the above post.
Ballot and the Rules: https://uspa.org/Portals/0/files/election/ballot2018.pdf

Also, Jay Stokes is a Write in for National Director this time. He was busy Skydiving and forgot the date and time to declare his bid for Reelection and missed getting his name on the ballot.

Don’t let the USPA BOD waste anymore of your money on donations to the International Skydiving Museum (boondoggle) in Orlando.
I Jumped with the guys who invented Skydiving.

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