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As the title says, my quest is for a magazine that a beginner could read and understand and well as learn from. I saw BlueSkies and Skydiver, but I think Skydiver was the only physical magazine.
I know reading the forums is probably the best place to gain information, but I can never seem to pick the right topic to read.
So, even though I won't discredit the forum, Is there a good magazine that has informative articles??

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USPA "Parachutist".

Which comes as part of a USPA membership, which is almost mandatory if you jump in the US.

Blue Skies is the "alternative" magazine, covering topics in a way that the "Official Publication of USPA" can't or won't. Also covers topics that they won't. Far less serious, although there are serious articles. It's available as a 'paper' magazine.
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If I may, you could find interesting stuff on my youtube channel, instead of reading. ;)

What do you think?
Just Launched a Brand New Youtube Channel All About Skydiving!

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