Jim Hickey

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Truly sad day.

One of the nicest person ever to walk at Skydive Elsinore. One of the nicest person that I've talked to.

He would come to the dz when it was raining and made others to go do hop n pop at 1500 ft.

I think everyone was so stoked when Jim got that role for V8 commercial. Typically when someone lands a commercial role, the behind talk was always filled with jealousy but not Jim's case. Everyone thought that it was very fitting, and we were stoked that he got some of his money back that he invested into skydiving.

Sounds super cliche, and I know that many people don't want to hear this but, he really did died doing what he loved doing............
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Oh geez....

Bud LaPointe and now Jim Hickey...

Two of the very finest..

I remember when Jim walked onto the DZ at Elsinore and insisted he didn't want to bother learning how to skydive, he wanted to learn how to Base Jump. All of us (on staff) just kind of chuckled but Matt McCarter said "I'll go talk to him". Matt - in his usual exemplary way - explained the ABCs to him. Jim Hickey went on to become one of our best friends and a hero of mine. It wasn't necessarily easy for him but he had grit, and determination, and an incredibly positive attitude. I _loved_ seeing that guy out there.

Rest in peace, Jim Hickey.

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Hey Rmarshall. I have a little more info, from the inside.He was doing a stunt where his canopy is lit on fire as he exits then chops and opens second canopy. My "insider" doesnt think he took it low on purpose but as a canopy of fire does not have much drag, when you chop it it does not leave quickly and probably had to wait for it to clear and by then yes too low. Very sad. Elsinore was my home dz for 10 years, have lots of jumps and sunday dinners with jim and others not to mention dz ground time with him. He is missed tremendously.

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