RIP Orly King

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I haven't talked to Orly in years, or been able to jump with him in a long time. Life moves on, years go by, and then, hell, its too late.

But for a moment he was one of my best friends. Playing with our new super improved state of the art camera helmets, that now, in retrospect seem huge, silly, enormous! We filmed using VHS tapes, which I guess most jumpers these days have never even seen. Ha! Taping the eject button down in the plane so it wouldn't come out in free fall. Orly was a natural, at just about everything. And in those late 80s and 90s when "the Cameraman" was still capitalized, and you passed the hat to buy your Cameraman a jump ticket, he was always the most in demand. From Memphis to the WFFC.

Cant remember ever seeing him ugly, rude, condescending.

Can I borrow an old movie line: I haven't seen him in years, but tonight, I miss him terribly.

Blue Skies Orly.
Fly Free.

Patrick Weldon
Flying The Camera.

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i am so sorry to hear this. Orly King was a natural teacher.

he taught me to never stop flying my canopy. this was after i almost landed on top of him when a sudden crosswind @ 15ft surprised the shit out of me and I reacted poorly. when I landed he said, "never stop flying your canopy". that was it. simple and to the point. gotta love that teaching methodology.

this was years ago and I've never forgotten his words. I've carried them with me on every jump since.

rest in peace Orly, you are and will always be, influential.


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