Eternal 10-Way: Bryan Jones

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I'm so sad about this tragedy and I hope this helps... -Scott

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I posted in another thread, but I'll copy it here:


I used to like to try to make mister grumpy-pants smile. :ph34r: And it was really freaking me out last night but I could swear I kept seeing him at Casey's house through the window while I was outside on the deck. I remember, for the breadth of a second, thinking, "There's Bryan! Time for hug!' "

My brain wouldn't let it go; I just kept thinking that same thought over and over every time whomever looked like Bryan (from the back) would come into view through the kitchen window. I didn't know who it was, and I kind of didn't want to, either. It almost felt like he was there, and I didn't want that feeling to go away. :(

Bryan I loved when you were leaning on the cabinets in the DZ and had your arms folded and were trying to act all annoyed. :)
And I got you to hug me and I think, in the end, you kinda liked it after all. B|

I'll miss seeing you at the Christmas party...& the rare times I get up that-a way any more.

Last time I'll post it I swear, but dude you looked GOOD! B| I'm still trying to locate the VHS that has this jump vid on it...I've put it away somewhere...

I will always remember that day, the hugs, and you with warm thoughts, and a tear.
Do not believe that possibly you can escape the reward of your action.

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When I first began BASE jumping, and I was eager to learn, Bryan was the one who went to Twin Falls with Tommy Hammond and me to watch over us. I guess at the time I did not realize or fully appreciate what he was doing, but as time went on, I learned to value the friendship of the quiet, soft spoken guy who had a lot to do with my survival in BASE.

Bryan, I will miss you! It is hard to comprehend the loss of a friend at times. This is just too much. Very sad times… :(

Tom Dancs

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I received this photo along with the note below from a friend of a friend. I am sharing it for those who knew Bryan and those who shared his Hawaiian holiday memories.

He and Sonja landed on the beach on the opposite side of the stream from the rest of us. I had chased one of the dogs down there and was right under him when he landed, he let out a big "Ya ya ya" when he landed and gave me a big hug, that's the most emotion anyone saw out of him the whole day.

"It's nothing 1000 jumps won't cure..."
- Jeff Gorlick, Seattle Sky Divers

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You were an experienced jumper that I didn't mind packing for.

That says a lot!!

I still remember the time I tried to give you a cactus and you wouldn't accept the gift because you did not want to have to tend to a living thing! Man I teased you about that for months.

I'm glad that you got to jump Baring.

Blue skies.

Nice long swoops Bryan.


"Life is a temporary victory over the causes which induce death." - Sylvester Graham

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