More gun nuts

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Your gun banning objective is so lame and obvious

More lies, presented, as always, without any pretense of proof.

Oh great arbitor of class
Please tell us more

You made the lying claim. You present a link, any link, to support your lie.

And I stand by it
And many here have posted agreement:)
AS USUAL, you make a false claim and are unable to present a single post that supports it. Par for the course with your claims.

It is not a lie that you present yourself as anti gun at every possible chance you get.

Why else would you post a story about an accidental death in a thread unrelated to children sneaking in, or self defense of the home?

Your bias shows clearly.

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***This isn't a selfie but it is the newest member of our family wishing everyone a happy and safe new years.

Where's his gun? :D

Personally, I would have put that Christmas card up on my mantle immediately. I thought it was cute. My family Christmas events often include guns one way or another.

And I have yet to figure out how guns are so 'un-Christian' as some seem to suggest. Yeshua specifically told his followers to purchase weapons. Before one trip to Damascus, he reminded them to bring weapons and even conducted an inspection. But then, some people pretend lots of things about his teachings.

Back Holster:ph34r:
I'm not usually into the whole 3-way thing, but you got me a little excited with that. - Skymama
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