1 inch wide buckles rated for 2,500 pounds

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Does anyone (Bordon, Wichard, etc.) make 1 inch wide, stainless steel buckles rated for 2,500 pounds?

I would prefer traceable MIL SPEC or PIA SPEC hardware originally designed (and certified) for harnesses, seatbelts or cargo straps.

My dilemma involves using doubled Type 13 webbing in a harness, but wanting 1 inch wide buckles as strong (2,500 pounds) as all the other buckles in the harness.

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Thanks for the link.
Thanks for helping me answer my own question.

It looks like a Cobra, side block, adjuster or adapter, 25 mm wide might work.

Para-Gear carries 2 Cobra buckles (1" wide) that might work.

H5060 - 1" Slide Block Adapter or rated for 1600 pounds = 750 kg.

H5066 - 1" Cobra Frame Adapter is rated for 2000 pounds = 900 kg.

Next question: how do you convert kilo newtons to pounds?

How to Cobra's strength ratings (Safe Working Limit?) relate to the Minimum Breaking Strength of MIL SPEC or PIA SPEC hardware?

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Looking at the catalogue's page 12, it looks like both the frame buckles and slideblocs should work, but i just picked up that you are looking at using a double layer of type 13, so you may want to contact the distributor/manufacturer to get an actual measurement of the channel to make sure it'll fit. FWIW, it looks like they do a buckle version 'stretch' which seems to have more room for thicker webbing.

A KN is mass(kg) x gravity(9.8m/s2), so a rough aproximation is KN/10 gives you kgs, (i.e. 18kn = 18000n = 1800kg) So you just convert those kgs to lbs.

The figures given in the catalogue are MBS. They can be ordered with a MBS of 9kn (2000lbs) or 18kn (4000lbs)

If a manufacturer of hardware give a SWL it usually is 1/5th of the MBS

ETA: Just seen your edit, so the H5066 is the 9kn version of the buckle.

Noticed in the backpage of that catalogue their american distributor is in Canada, so you can easily get in touch with them toget exactly what you need

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Do you have the same use I do? I've been looking for high stregth 1" triglides for climbing harnesses for a year or so and couldn't find them. I think I found some the other day and bookmarked it but I'm not at home. I'll see when I can.
I'm old for my age.
Terry Urban

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