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Strong NOPO?

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Just came across a Strong 304 Seat rig with a canopy I've never seen before: A Strong NOPO 24 Conical (P/N 420201). Very strange. The canopy is slit all the way around between the 2nd and 3rd panels, and came with a sleeve, X-slider, cross-connected suspension lines, and a detachable pilot chute. Of course Strong's closed for the weekend now. Anybody have any information on these? Thanks!

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Ooh, Strong Aerosport!

Edit: Yes, p/n 420201 is a 24' Aerosport canopy according to my PDF manual. (As opposed to the 28' Aerosport, or 28' Aerosport HD.)

Don't see the manual online anywhere at the moment but I could submit it to one of the rigging manual sites.

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Should be label Aerosport. DOM 95 or 96. Only on the market around there. I have two 28' versions. Nopo refers to them being made from 0-3 cfm (f-111) fabric. Manual is available on line. Check Parachutemanuals.com and ukskydiver.co.uk

I think this only the 4th I've heard of. My two, one in Australia, and yours. Maybe a couple more. Free sleeve with stowed lines makes packing a Strong seat easy.

This may be slightly diff. than mine but same design. Search strong aerosport on here.

I serviced my two since the were new until the owner died a few years ago and I got them from the widow.

Just saw photo. Think the changed name in 95. For several years in the 2000's nobody at strong new anything about them and I could find another rigger who had ever seen one.
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