Safire 2 X Sabre 2 x Crossfire2

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>But i still have a doubt for which one is better for swoops, Safire or Sabre.


>And if the crossfire2 is a so much more advanced than Safire 2 or Sabre 2.

Yes, it's a pretty significant step in performance over both.

While I agree in your comment about the Crossfire2, I disagree in your assertion that the Safire2 is "better for swoops" than the Sabre2. In my experience, both were decent but the Sabre2 out performed the Safire2 when pushed hard.
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I also disagree, although I have limited experience to make that statement.
My jumping partner has a Saffire 2, at the same loading as my sabre2 (1.3). I always get longer distances on landing than him, but this may be attributed to the fact that the angle of attack is steeper on my canopy than his (my decent rate is greater). I have also heard that the Sabre2 has a long recovery arc, which is good for swoopers. My flare is also more powerful.

Regardless, I love my canopy, and I know plenty of people who have used them from student status all the way down to very high wing loadings, before finally making the switch to a crossbraced canopy.

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I jumped all 3 canopies and love swooping so I'll give my experience on this topic.

I had a Sabre2 -190 (WL at about 1.5) first and started swooping with this one. It's a really good canopy to start swooping and is also forgiving if you make a mistake. You can go the distance with this canopy without all the hassles of an elliptical canopy.

I also had a Safire2 - 139 (WL at around 1.8) but hated this canopy for swooping. It has a very short recovery arc which makes it dangerous for swooping because you have to turn low and let the fronts go very low. Although I could get lots of speed and distance with the Safire2 I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wants to swoop.

The Crossfire2 -139 I jump now is perfect for swooping but it's also in a different league then the other two. The recovery arc is pretty long but it isn't very forgiving anymore. The distance you go on swoops isn't comparable with the Sabre2 and the Safire2.

The differnce between the Sabre2 - 190 and the Safire2 -139 was smaller for me then the differnce between the Safire2 - 139 and my Crossfire2 -139.

Your profile doesn't state how many jumps you have but I wouldn't recommend a Crossfire2 to someone with less then 500 jumps and a lot of canopy skills. If you have the jumps and experience I would recommend a Crossfire2. It's the best canopy I've ever flown.
Blue skies!

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