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  1. Try I think you won't find a cheap RDS anywhere. Blue skies!
  2. Rugby82

    Wearing lead

    Try contacting Frank van Gelder from LookMa ( He makes a new type of lead vest which is much more comfortable than most current belts and vests (and with a cutaway). When you wear one it doesn't feel like a belt with the same amount of lead, it's much more comfortable. He also takes in account your height and weight to place the lead in the position that will help you the most for controlling you fallrate. Blue skies!
  3. A lot of people tell me that, Sarah a kiwi who sold me her AAD, told me jumping in the UK killed her love of skydiving. Jo a Elisnore regular from 00-05 said pretty much the same things. Funny enough an ex BPA council member (the VP) no longer jumps in the UK and jumps in Spain instead. I hadn't considered Holland tbh... where would you recommend? As I was going to ride out to Spain in 2012 but Holland is of course much closer. Only DZ in Holland I've visited is Texel, I was impressed. They have a good attitude to jumping, and welcome everyone. I know a few Dutch jumpers, they're all pretty good guys...I've heard that the other DZ's are OK as well. Conversely, the 5 or 6 DZ's I visited in GB sucked, without exception. Very poor attitude and vibe during jumping, and it comes from the top down. Show up at the DZ as a stranger, and you WILL be ignored.... The less experienced know nothing else so can't really be blamed, they reflect the example set. Most British jumpers I've met can't believe how much fun skydiving can be, till they jump in another country. As you can gather, I have not, and never had, much time for anything influenced by the BPA. i vouch for texel as well, i was there three weeks ago, really nice facilities, cool instructors that didnt hassle me too much with papers (just the usual, insurance, license, logbook, didnt even look at the rig), welcoming jumpers, even tough i wanted to make a solo because there were mostly bellyfliers around, i still got pulled to do another WS-jump.. i'll go to texel again! oh, and relatively cheap too at 25 euros a pop. oh, and the scenery, being an island n'all.. really cool place!
  4. I don't have one but a lot of people around me use them all the time. They seem to do a good job as an alti. The only problem is that the batteries aren't lasting for that long (say about 10 hours). Here they are also used a lot by tandemmasters when jumping with heavy clouds. Blue skies!
  5. Rugby82


    You should try the LookMa gloves ( There the best gloves I've seen for skydiving and the only ones I've tested that will last for a very long time! I tried the Neumann, Akando, baseball gloves etc but these are far better. Blue skies!
  6. Not every goggle/sunglasses fits all heads, especially for skydiving. I, for example, tried about 70 different goggles and sunglasses and none of them fit my head. It took me 3 years to find some sunglasses I could use for skydiving. My eyes are pretty deep and the room between my forehead and cheek is pretty big. This makes it near impossible to find glasses that I can use for skydiving. The problem with goggles is that they distort the view. I also like the concept of changing lenses for different types of jumps. The Gatorz Converter has this option but the glasses seem to pop out while skydiving (I have a pair and glued them). This is why the Oakley could be very suitable for skydiving. Blue skies!
  7. I really love Oakley too and am also wondering if these can be used for skydiving. I own 7 pairs currently (ranging from a whisker to a juliet fire polarized) and love 'em all. None of the Oakleys I have work well for freefall so I use Gatorz for skydiving. Maybe I'll just test a wind jacket. Really like the Oakley glasses although I have nothing bad to say about the Gatorz. Blue skies!
  8. Totally agree with dragon2. Get a reserve that is similar or even bigger than your main. There's enough stress involved after a cutaway and you don't want even more stress hanging under your reserve. Blue skies!
  9. Even with the PD Slinks it was pretty hard to get them through both the top of the riser and the Louie Loop. Made my fist jump with the risers yesterday and oh boy they are looooong. Even with my 6'7" and long arms I had to reach to remove my slider. The Louie Loops are really nice and work perfect. Really lovin it. Blue skies!
  10. Rigger is on holiday. There are lot of riggers here so I thought I could ask here just to make sure. Blue skies!
  11. Just received my new UPT 25" risers with Louie Loops and a new set of Slinks. I have switched canopies a couple of times for myself and others with slinks which was pretty simple with used risers. The problem with brand new risers is that the top of the risers where you put the slinks through are still straight and not set like a ^ (see picture) with used risers. Because of this it was pretty hard to get the Slinks through which eventually worked out but I had to flex and fold the top of the risers. Is there a standard way, like folding the sides under, to set the top of the risers properly to give them a nice ^ shape or does this happen naturally? Blue skies!
  12. Rugby82


    I realize of course, you meant batting gloves (I have a couple pair that I love for jumping) but for a split second I had an image in my head of a fielding glove. Might make it a little tougher to get to your handles.
  13. Rugby82


    Baseball gloves are really nice too for skydiving. Blue skies!
  14. Gotta love the American sue culture . In Europe you can do a tandem when you fit the harness and do AFF when you're 16 or younger. Blue skies!
  15. I think you missed his point. Pretty sure the OP was saying that for any given mistake, a lower wing loading typically results in less severe consequences. See post #15 for more clarification. Blue skies!