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  1. dancy

    Wearing lead

    Thank you for the advise. I have a larger canopy than I could fly safely (168 Pilot) so the wingload doesn't bother me. Anyway I think I'll start with less lead and put on more if necessary. 20 lb seems a lot
  2. dancy

    Wearing lead

    My exit weight is about 154 lbs (I'm a thin, tall woman). I want to do RW with a guy who is 215 lbs. How much lead should I wear? Is it preferable to put on a belt or a west?
  3. I have tinnitus in my left ear. I use a Solo audible on that side and now I wonder if that could cause such desease. I don't know anyone with the same problem.
  4. Does anyone know if an audible altimeter can cause ear problems eg. a ringing ear or bad hearing?
  5. Are you really planning to build a wind tunnel in München, too? That would be really great because it's closer to Hungary where I live :-)
  6. I also love FD but people can't easily hear what I say when the helmet is on. I wonder how it could affect the situation when a canopy collision occurs.
  7. Maybe when you realize you can't stop jumping. On the other hand no one really cares what you call yourself.
  8. I like your drawings a lot. May I use them on my website (not as design elements, but for teaching and fun)?
  9. Good advice, thanks. I'm planning a 150 reserve and a 170 main. Later I can downsize the main.
  10. Many of us had difficulties when trying to control our bodies in the air. Unwanted spiraling is pretty common. My boyfriend has just finished his AFF course and he also stucked at level 3. We were talking about it a lot at that time and he also practiced a lot on the groud. Asymmetry might cause you turn and it's not easy to control your extremities, especially your legs because you can't see them. It can help a lot if you practice the body position with your instructor or an experienced skydiver or at the mirror at home. A camera flyer - that is the video he/she makes of you - can be a huge help. Don't give up!
  11. I thought I was the only one who jumps for the view... After a jump my buddies usually discuss the freefall and how much they enjoyed their fast canopies and the landing. But most of them are boys while I'm a girl, and that might cause the difference between our attitudes.
  12. I like my 190 but I've jumped a 170 and it was also great. A 150 would be ok as well. So it's not a safety point of view - just the time I can spend in the air. I might be weird because most jumpers nowadays prefer long, spectacular swoops which they can achieve with higher wing-loading. But on the other hand it means that they reach the ground in a shorter time.