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I was looking for some info on Icarus reserve, but could not find any on the forums.
I am wondering if anyone had some experience with them?
Also, what is their packing volume compared to other reserves? ie:PD generally packs a bit bigger, is it the same with Icarus reserve?

Any other info is welcomed

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HEy Goran, were we not just speaking by email?

The Icarus reserve is only made in Spain. When you say The PD reserve generally packs bigger, it is the smart reserve that generally packs biger than the PD reserve.
The Icarus is not so much a low volume pack, but it does pack smaller than the PD reserve.

I 'think' by rule of thumb it packs about the equivalent to 10sq ft smaller than a PD reserve size.

Send Attila@NZAerosports a email as he will be happy to quickly answer any email you send and does sell the Icarus reserve. He gives people all the time in the world.

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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