Do riggers charge extra for packing Skyhook/staging loop

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A couple of us riggers locally have been only semi joking that we should indeed start charging extra!

Not that we do so, nor have we charged extra for Racers. On the other hand the Vector started out being easier to pack than some others, since it has the fully internal pilot chute.

Whether one charges extra can also depend if one's pricing is more all-inclusive vs. lower end.

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I pay well over $100 to have a rig fully assembled. I believe I pay extra to have the skyhook assembled and I believe riggers should charge extra.
I think riggers charges are not high enough.
If it was not for riggers being so dedicated and getting that rated half of us would be fucked.
Riggers play a very vital role, theyare the mechanics of the skydiving world. My mechanicj charges $100 an hour, my printer charges $99 an hour, my gardener charges $79 an hour etc
riggers should also charge by the hour. They deserve it

sayin that though, then a reserve pack would only cost $10 by some riggers and $50,000 by others.

I think the riggers should get what they deserve.

How many of you need this rig packed really quickly so the rigger comes in an hour early to get it done and then he goes and works a full day doing tandems etc.

Riggers should charge more. I pay upt and aerodyne riggers good money. Cause they charge good money.

.Karnage Krew Gear Store

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In my region, yes they do charge an extra $20 for the skyhook. Artificially I think it's being caused by some of the riggers who still charge $50CAD for a repack - it's a way to present equal pricing but then get a "fair" price. sort of like paying PDI, Freight and all the other costs when you buy a car.


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