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In general, if there is such a question, I was wondering...

Does a pocket slider increase the wear on the porosity of a canopy, since the process of opening is slower?



Those are two different variables.

Adding a pocket to a slider slows openings two ways. First, the pocket increases the area of the slider, forcing it towards the top of the lines, delaying bottom skin inflation for an extra half second.

Secondly, the pocket hides the nose openings, delaying cell inflation for an extra half second.

If anything, a pocket slider slightly improves wear/porosity deterioration because it reduces the severity of openings. Hard openings are usually the single greatest wear event in a canopy's life.

The second - life time - variable is how often the canopy gets dragged through weeds, left laying in the sunlight, etc.

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does anybody have a pic of a slider with a pocket?

Although they do slow down the openings some times, pocket sliders are not the preferred method any longer.

Domed sliders are the better method.They are always consistent with their openings and do not have the problems that pocket sliders do.

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