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  1. If you are on the road you can dial "511" from Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska to get updated road closure information.
  2. I've got a 210 and I love it. I've gained some weight so I'm loading it at about 1.3 and it still doesn't penetrate that well into the wind but it will run like hell downwind. Landings are great too! I don't know how it compares to a sabre II but it is light years better than the old Sabre I I traded in for it.
  3. The point isn't the "network" or the "commentator". If those facts are correct then this bill is a piece of shit. Plain and simple.
  4. Wow, not that I judge, but you just hit a 10 in my book. She's not that good of a housekeeper John. On her way to cleaning the bathroom she steps right over my unpacked rig on the floor and she'll just leave it there.
  5. I doubt if anyone will get this 100% right so just tell me what pic F is?? Are those detachable magazines? Was it a pump action shotgun in it's former life? Do you have better pics of the ammunition? They look like sabot rounds.
  6. There's nothing special about CCW holders, that are different from anyone else that passes a background check. The background checks done for the two are identical. ___________________________________________________________ That could be inaccurate depending on which State you hold a CCW from. While the background checks may be the same, the criteria for who is approved and who isn't may not be. For example in Utah you can be denied a CCW for convictions of "Crimes of moral turpitude". If you were arrested for pissing in a parking lot and convicted of "Indecent Exposure" it could keep you from getting a CCW but it wouldn't keep you from buying a handgun. On the other hand, this particular conviction would not keep you from getting a Nebraska CCW. I have a Nebraska CCW permit but was denied one from Utah.
  7. geeeeeez girl you work at a country club surrounded by rich people all day. That's where you should be looking!
  8. I'm confused pic P4160011.jpg appears to have a left handed pump action shotgun receiver (remington maybe?) yet it looks like it has a rifle barrel and there are rifle cartridges displayed in the case. What the hell is it?
  9. That's why it was a GUESS and not stated as fact. I do however doubt that by the time this is all said and done it will be "free" to the taxpayers
  10. I don't like Obama, I don't trust him, and in my opinion he has failed miserably as a president. Granted, he hasn't done it all on his own because he's had plenty of help from some of the other idiots in Washington. If you don't agree thats fine. You obviously have a differing opinion and I do respect it so long as you don't preach to me about how you are right and I am wrong. I send my kids to school to get an education, not listen to politicians. I don't know the amount of taxpayer dollars that are being spent on this but I'm guessing its probably obscene. The school where my kids attend has received so many calls in opposition of this that they are offering "Alternative Activities" for those students whose parents do not want them to attend. I applaud this decision and hope that other schools across the country are doing the same thing. My boys won't be taking part in this event and they are also excused from saying the pledge of allegiance in spanish (yes this happens) I think the good news here is that parents still have some say in what their children are exposed to in school. I am glad that other parents have voiced their opposition and I hope those voices are heard in Washington. If I've offended you I apologize. If your opinion is different I respect it. If you are a parent and don't like this then call the school and politely let them know.
  11. If my sinusus are acting up they burn like hell in freefall. I used to wear one of those nose plugs made for swimmers and it worked great. I would put it on right before exit and I always got funny looks too. Now I just suck it up or stick to hop-n-pops when my sinuses are bothering me.
  12. It's a Fusion 210, manufactured in 2006 And thanks for the help
  13. they are light brown in color, flat, and smaller than 1/8 inch but slightly wider than 1/16 inch.
  14. I got a new canopy with HMA lines. How can I tell what size they are?