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From what I hear, whoever wins, gets the cover. Come on now, how bad arse would it be to have a skydiver on the cover of a highly distributed magazine? A magazine poised towards "manly" men who are too scared to jump out of a plane. "Hell, here is this gorgeous lady who is an amazing skydiver, and I'm too much of a wuss to do it"... don no, think it will be neat though.... I'd buy the issue.



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Misty May Treanor 2151 22.4%

Roberta Mancino 7469 77.6%

block voting 4tw!!

but this one is really no contest if you do this before judging

google image searches for each contestant and judge by the quality of photos available of (make sure safe search if off)
Those who fail to learn from the past are simply Doomed.

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